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Numbers. He's a very good player. Yes, but I think sometimes we make Alexis Vega to be something that he's not. And he's not going to be the guy that puts chibas on his shoulders and changing things. Yeah, three goals four assists that as you might say, oh, he underperformed. That's basically his average output like for a season. So it's not that bad. I'm interested in what you say as far as Alexis Vega is concerned, you know, our producer better. We have our little text chain back and forth. And he will say something all the time. Which translate means like the league is small for him. And there are definitely moments where Alexi's Vega looks like he is better than 95, 90% of the players in the yamaki. But those moments are fleeting, right? They're not consistent and for you to really dominate a league to the point where you're ready to go to the next level. It's not about dominating in moments. It's about consistency and showing up in the big games that you can point to this weekend and say clearly he did not. So for me, when we talk about is he ready for Europe, a season like this would make me have doubts. And if I spin it to the national team where they could definitely use an informal Alexis Vega, they're definitely not going to have that at the World Cup now. Now, it's going to be 41 days of Alexei's Vega training. Now, waiting to do something. And that's if he takes care of himself because we've seen chibas players in the news this last week for not taking care of themselves before a big game. No, no. That's the thing. I mean, it was a topic beforehand and was a topic after and that seems to be a growing sentiment and listen, Alexis Vega is a very good player. I will repeat. He could be a very productive player. I will repeat, but he's not the game changer to put a team on his shoulders and you want to bank with. Very good player, yes. But if he's only a very good player, you need him to be informed. He doesn't have that luxury. You can step in, not playing in 40 something days and kill it for you. If I'm Tata martino that worries me. All right, so Alexis Vega and chivas then eliminated in the playing rounds in Liga meckes. What about the rest of the weekend's action? Let's get you caught up on all the great matchups that we saw. Digress,

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