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And bowed down with his face to the ground before the king. Then the king kissed epsilon. which the nets were the chapter ends. So there is reconciliation made the honored. The APPS slum bowed what if our protesters could stand in front of the president's office and back home on say. Look. All I wanted to do is hair me and king does the greatest custom at the time is offer a kiss. Greeting walk. Which is best the highest endorsement, the highest fellowship fresher be can receive, and so there seems to be a mutual. Bond here of forgiveness, this is all in the past now. The whole thing about Amnon raping your sister and the killing him Nas the rape. During on the field, he's got this. This be reckless filing. Now, we can go on. This isn't good place to stop because this would be a good lesson for does this grant all the folks out there who wanted to take law and their own has who when they have to in this case, flee for three years still exile from our two years at home. To get satisfaction, you have to see what you want, and then once you had the audience with the ruling authority this case, the king. Are you willing to accept. What he says whether be the ultimate death against you a kiss of greeting. Bat. Now do people today do that I wanNA say no. But you know what? It didn't work for APPS on either we're going to talk about that part of the future and. To to to great books in one website, Bizet striving for eternity dot org there are two books that I would like to recommend you purchase what they meaning people who aren't. Christians other religions believe and what we believe.

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