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Kfbk. Body Today. Arena times this morning, tapering to a shower or two this afternoon will be breezy, as well with a high of 56 to 60 a street evening shower mostly cloudy overnight with patchy fog forming the 42 44. There is a falling tomorrow morning. Otherwise, clouds and sunshine with the high of 55 to 59 a macula others. Joe Lundberg News 93.1 kfbk. Currently it is 52 degrees in Sacramento with rain and clouds. And that is our lead story this half hour get ready for wet and snowy week this week. Northern California. Expecting more rain, More snow kfbk Jody Guerrero has the report. Over the holiday weekend. Three separate storm systems left widespread showers in the valley and light snowfall in the mountains. National Weather Service meteorologist Jim Matthews says A stronger system is coming in today with conditions light, heavy rain, heavy mountain snow and some gusty winds. The weather Service issued a winter storm watch that lasts until 4 a.m.. Tomorrow they weren't of potentially hazardous travel conditions over the Sierra Nevada and in Sacramento. Matthew says the storm should dissipate tomorrow, but another smaller system is forecast. For Wednesday. Jody Guerrero News 93.1 KFBK Santa Clara County is reporting massive wait times at local emergency rooms. KFBK zero L belong with detailed County Health Department said on several occasions this past week. Ambulances have waited up to seven hours to get a patient into the emergency department, the department said extended away times are largely due to the significant volume of patients at hospitals. County has 691 patients.

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