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President Trump was in Michigan today, and he told the crowd of the Lansing airport that according to the his polling, he's up in Michigan. So the vultures came out were up. Three in Michigan think we're pulling for, you know, they give you the big bowls? I think we're a polite boy. We're gonna have a great read. Wave. They want to go out and they want to touch. They wanna vote. It's a great read wave It's happening in Florida were up in Florida, up four. The president says Michigan is building cars and trucks again, and he promised another middle class tax cut. Former President Barack Obama campaign today for Joe Biden down in Florida. Obama criticized President Trump's handling of the Corona virus pandemic more than 100,000. Small businesses have closed. Half a million jobs are gone in Florida alone. Think about that. And what once his closing argument People are too focused on covert. He sent this at one of his rallies covert covert covered, he's complaining. He's jealous of Cobain's media coverage, according to data from the U. S elections Project. 66.4 million Americans have voted as of this morning either by returning their mail in ballots or by attending an early polling station. Just to say me Cockney Barrett started work today is that day was a member of the Supreme Court. Frances Rachel's Sutherland reports. Chief Justice John Roberts administered the judicial oath the Barrett, the Supreme Court's 115th justice during a private ceremony. In addition, the cases on immigration, Obama care and religious rites. Justice Barritt could hear challenges stemming from the presidential election their cases in Pennsylvania and North Carolina concerning deadlines for mail in ballots. Justice Bharat hasn't said whether she would recuse herself from election related cases. Rachel Sutherland. Boxes, sports fans and sports organizations could be in for some lean times, Fox is Jared Max explains. Since July, sports fans have been treated so live games on TV just about every night baseball, basketball hockey football. But come tomorrow or by Thursday at the latest, there won't be much live sports on team sports Aside from soccer and football for another month College basketball season scheduled to begin November 25th. The N BA hopes to start its next season days before Christmas. The NHL on or around the New Year's Day baseball season will be over tonight or tomorrow and then and they'll be commissioner Rob Manfred told Sporty Coat. It's going to be difficult for the industry to whether another year where we don't have fans in the ballpark and have other limitations on how much we can't play. And how we can play, Manfred said. Teams Aaron Record debt borrowed $8.3 billion from lenders this year amidst operating losses of around $3 billion. Jared Max Fox News that now was down 222 points the S and P off 10. Ken Vogel. SKI W. J. R News, Mitch Albom in two minutes. Frank Beckmann here, and I want to talk to all you loyal W. J R. Listeners out there about Medicare. As you know, I spent the last few years working with Chris, Alberta's team at Principe. Um, and the things I've learned about Medicare have shocked me. Not only our most ofyou over paying each month for your supplemental plans, but New legislation is completely blowing up several.

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