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The side. I don't want to lose like that, okay? Is the critical moment because one officer recognizes that yet we needed Lisa get him so he could breathe and they are other officers, refusing because he's afraid that he's going to lose control. Gonzalez lost consciousness after about another 30 seconds and died later at the hospital. Multiple investigations into his death are underway. I'm Alex Emslie KQED news. Half a dozen House Democrats are calling on the Justice Department to look into the case of an environmental justice advocate who's been in a legal battle with Chevron and has been under house arrest for nearly two years. Steven Donziger won a major judgment in 2011 in Ecuador against the San Ramon based oil giant for discharging toxic waste in the Amazon. But Chevron accused Donziger of fraud in a federal judge concurred. Donziger was then hit with contempt charges for refusing to hand over his computers and cell phone to Chevron. Paul Posy mean oh, with Oakland based Amazon Watch, says Danziger is being persecuted. He's lived in New York in an apartment with his wife and his teenage son. And now, after all these years, and everything Chevron has done to him, they're arguing he's a flight risk. He came back to the United States to turn over his passport. It's insane. Both the Department of Justice and Chevron had no comment. Free pot meals for families are back. Starting today at an elementary school in San Francisco's Chinatown. The meals have been discontinued a few weeks ago at Gordon J. Lower elementary School and food Service moved to the tenderloin. But because of the rise in racist attacks against the Asian American community, many families were afraid to travel that far, especially on public transit. Supervisor Aaron Peskin represents Chinatown. I think there is a systemic problem at the San Francisco Unified School District as to how they honor the Chinese American community. Peskin says the school expects to serve roughly 500 meals to students. I'm Brian what KQED news and in downtown San Francisco I'm Dave Freeman on KQED Ahead on Morning Edition. In a few moments, the FBI raided Rudy Giuliani's New York City apartment yesterday is part of a probe into Giuliani's activities involving Ukraine. Details ahead on KQED Public radio..

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