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Now i want to thank you all for joining for in studio what a great conversation and we got to talk about the warriors today so that's all the time we have for in studio if you have a question about the law or a news story you want us to sort out sent an email to connect at life of the law dot org be sure to include your contact info so we can follow up i'd like to thank life of the laws team brittany batorfi attorney and chair of life of the laws advisory board a soggy abbasa professor at the university of california berkeley and a member of life it allows advisory board an atom larson attorney and rider with fastbreak i'd also like to thank dream on green bob myers curtis carol kevin durant lieutenant sam robinson us and clinton's public information officer and all of the warriors fans in the cleveland fans for being part of this incredible process special thanks to nalic account for helping with production tony again and we'll senior produce and kirsten jesuits title and rachel came with life of the law will post produce this episode our music was composed by david jesse jim bennett and howard gilman were our engineers for this episode if you wanna know more about how the law works tune into life of a law on i tunes take a few minutes to post to review like us on facebook and follow us on twitter each time we publish new episode we send people who have subscribed to our newsletter a behind the scenes look at life of the law including notes from our reporters and our listeners we're a nonprofit project of the tide center and were part of the panoply network.

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