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It's hard to predict that, but I think the sun ceiling personally with Chris Paul, there is as high as a top four team in the Western Conference, which I know is a very big statement. Am I crazy person? Or are you seeing what I'm seeing with the easel? It's Devin Booker could get some buckets, Maybe DeAndre and on the pick and roll. I'm not gonna go through the whole team, but I just really like Phoenix with CP three. I love Phoenix with CP three. Now can they cracked the top for you Think about the top four to you get past the Lakers and the Clippers. Okay. Kim Portland Ascend to that We have questions on Denver. Denver lost a lot with Plumlee being going Torrey Craig Grant being gone, Okay, not just offense. I think defensively, it kind of changed the dynamic to a team that has struggled at times. Offensively. Just Dallas. Take that next step with Kristaps coming back. We don't know where New Orleans is that so it's open for Phoenix that they can stay healthy and growth now how quickly can the youth Which they have a lot of Be able to mature to understand what it means to win and what it means to win on a nightly basis. In this league. They had the success in the bubble. Now you have the transfer that You know to, uh, you know, not a full 7% in two games with CP three with money, Williams. I do think they have an opportunity. If they don't crack the top four, they can be somewhere between four and six. Easily. I think If if they stay healthy. I don't think you have. You know the questions you have about Phoenix? Is you more than anything else? Um, I love the fit. I did, too. I love the fit. I did, too. I mean, look, human beings are complicated creatures, right? You can you can be what you are, and it doesn't work, and it's not likable or whatever it is one place and it's different. Another place, Right. Let's take relationships, man. I mean, you get I'm the same guy and I promise you they're different Women around America who have different views on me based on just what that it was like before I was married, right? So I love their ceiling. Another team that I'm high on. And I know that being top six in the Eastern Conference is a big ask. And so part of what I'm about to give you Jim Jackson, here on the gym room show is predicated on just feels like I know a lot of GM's think. There are gonna be teams that should be in the top five or six in the Easter West. That won't because injuries they're gonna happen because of this very bizarre schedule. So take that into account. I love Atlanta, but I love Trey Young. I think they're gonna make a big step defensively. I love the pieces that the GM Travis shrank brought in. Maybe I'm buying into much the league passed last year, plus some of these veterans I love the Hawks, and I think if everything gets the right way, I think they can avoid that plane situation. I think their playoff team am I getting too excited too soon about about Trey Young and that group in Atlanta? No, I mean, because if you look at the start that they've been able to have this car Get the big question was, you know that three and one right now trails all to announce standing start in regards to put the ball in the basket, but it goes back to this. The attrition over this season with the young team who's your core leader? That's kind of been there, done that in regards to winning at a high level. Okay, when you need to dig a little bit deeper, What can you tap into? Who can you top into the core group in regards to Talent is there but you know, in this league to is much more than just talent. That wins game is continuity in his experience. And anyway, where you gain it is kind of go through the garden, so to speak, you know, and Putting themselves in a great position right now with the youth that they have to do that. My only question is Is that enough in a 72 slate? Should be able to get them. I think I do believe that they can get In the Eastern Conference. Are there going to be better dinner in Orlando? You You know what I mean team that was in eighth place last year. I think they have the opportunity to be But still you want to play for that sick steed and lower You don't want to be seven. Now you don't get rewarded for being seven. You gotta end up planting to play a game begins the gypsy. You know what I mean? That's now again for Atlanta, that shooting kind of high and regards to where they're at. They'll take the eight that they get it. But for a team like that I was you know, if they make that leap, you do want to be in the top six to me. They had potential is if you can the youth grow to that. You know what Rondo being there? That helps think about Donovan. But he hasn't won on the high level. You see them, saying Hamas. Do you rely on Rondo? Can he be the Chris Paul for Atlanta? Mean just his leadership, Right? Just your what He's about in terms of how you carry yourself as a pro in a winner, I think is significant in Atlanta what he's grown to think about security issues he had at Boston. Okay, so where he's at now in his career. So you know, to your point. He could be that like I said that, Chris Paul what? Chris Paul didn't okay. See? Okay. We didn't expect a lot of okay, see because of the move that were made, but because of his influence because of Billy Donovan. Boy. Pierce is in a great situation. Now He has the ears of his team along with the veterans that has been there and they're going to listen to that. He can lean on. You want a championship in both? He's won one in l A. You know what I mean? He's been the multiple deep runs in the playoffs. That's something that hopefully transferred in these young guys. When things start when things are going good, everybody kind loving and you win it when things start to go the other way. That's where you need a Rondo to kind of level it back off and get the ship. Go back on the right path. Jim Jackson here on the show. I'm with you. I'm so high up on Boston. I think Drew.

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