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Hour. It's fucks NewsRadio. On Denver's talk station. Six thirty K how. Tom Martino here. Listen. That car that face salt Cindy at arapahoe Kia now now, I wanna make this clear. I am not alleging that anything illegal is going on. Okay. And I and I'm also saying that Cindy was stupid. Okay. She was and I feel sorry for because there are a lot of people does it being with someone is stupid. You should take advantage of them. Her son is also stupid. Okay. They go and buy a car and said, well, they assured me it was a solid car. I a sixteen no seventeen year old car VW GTRI. Which is which had one hundred fifty seven thousand miles as is for four thousand one hundred dollars and its trade in value at the time. She bought it. It's value was five hundred twenty five dollars. Now did a Rabbo key to anything wrong. Oh, no. No. No. No, no. They're proud of this people. If you want deals like this Goto arapahoe, Kia if you want to be treated like a piece of garbage you go to a rap. Okay. Oh, no, no. You won't even be treated like garbage. They're going to smile at you while they're screwing you they're going to smile at you. That's what they're going to do. Okay. So there's the deal arapahoe. I'm going to publish this everywhere. I know this this is the kind of thing that should that people should know. Okay. You go to arapahoe, and you draw your five hundred dollar car, you're going to pay four thousand dollars. That's wonderful. Isn't it isn't that wonderful? So. My opinion. There are a bunch of scum sucking pigs. That's my opinion. And I have a right to my opinion. And if they wanna come on the air, they're welcome to. Yes. Suzanne anything all right now. Now Anco double ATP. We screw you. They these guys pimp Brandon. And by the way, we're not saying corporate is behind this. I have nothing against Amco corporate, but this local shop at one four eight seven one east Colfax and pimp BB, we screw you Brandon. He at three zero three three six six forty eight forty two. Here's what he did. Michelle went there. Because her her warranty company said go there, they put in a transmission that went out two months later, they say, well, it's not our fault. You know, we're trying to work with C N K. I don't know who K is because we can't find a c and k who knows who they are. So they are just say we're waiting on CNN because that transmission went out two months later. And it's sat the car has sat there for four months. Thanks to be beep. We screw you Brandon at three zero three three six six forty eight forty two. And I understand that pimp. Brandon is upset with us. Well, bring it on you scum sucking little, greedy bastard. What tell me what's going on? Well, the warranty company protect by cars upset at them too. Because they hold on the warranty company is upset with Amco they sent her to anchor. What are they upset about how they've red flagged them now and they're upset? Well, they tried to work this out by sending another trans a new transmission? They said out the Samco disappeared either put it in another car sold it. So am co got a replacement transmission for may shell. Yes. From protect protect my car, and protect my car told us that is the out there. But but am co says they don't have a transmission for her. No, the Amco says they don't know what to do. So Amco got not only screwed may shell and screwed protect my car. But they all. Also stole. A transmission is looking like. Yeah. That's what that's what they're accusing him of what Brandon say about that pimp. Brandon. There. He doesn't want to answer the phone for me anymore. Give that number out again, man. Three three six six forty eight forty two. Listen, people this show is rated R. Okay. Or maybe fourteen. Plus, but I'll tell you why I'm legal on legal. And I'll tell you why..

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