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Dion Lewis, Emmanuel Sanders, Deontay form and drew Brees Royce Freeman to me was Valda. Scaling Duke Johnson. Chris Herndon, Jalen Samuels Dave closes around with Edo Smith. I took Freeman as a handcuffed to Philip Lindsey. So just locking backfield. You took a chance on Edo Smith who could end up being maybe the starter in Atlanta. Spending on the health of freemen. But most likely the number two guy when you look at the running backs in this round Smith being one of them TJ yelled and who's going to be a free agent. Mcguire could be the starter for the jets as he close the season. And then the foreman who finally came back from the Killys injury. But didn't make much of an impact to close the year. Which of these guys excite you the most? I think I'd go with ITO Smith and allies McGuire. I'm concerned that Yanti forms just not ever going to be what he was two years ago. And I kinda I still expect if yelled and gets a feature job, and that would be a huge difference maker. I kind of feel like he's going to go into a third down role somewhere. I think that's exactly what it'll be pegged for now that he's gonna hit free agency. I don't see him being a featured guy eat all of chance we know that there should be some addition by subtraction that backfield and Atlanta, whether they rather they resigned tavern and cut Freeman or keep Freeman and let Coleman walk. So he'll move up the depth chart a little bit. I think he's an excellent around nine pick. Yeah. For sure, you know, he's he's got he's got upside. I wonder what they'll do with Brian Hill to you know, the chance that we see a little bit or the end of the season. But they just keep them as third guy. Sure. I don't see us narrow seven Coleman returns. I think it's Freeman Smith hill..

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