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You meant something it counted and will never forget it. Your fan empowered for life. John. While John I, you know. For most of my life. I was fairly kind of cornered in pigeonholed by myself and others is somewhat selfish flock, you know, in somewhat self obsessed person or or cynical or whatever. But again, in this goes along with what I was talking about earlier, as time goes on and things get weirder and things get darker as I get older and as as the country struggles on, I, I have to take some comfort in that knowing that one of the effects of this show, which I could never have assumed would be something like that. That letter and it happens all the time in in. I'm and I'm happy that I, I've been there for people even though I don't. I don't. You know, I'm just doing what I do, but I, I, I'm very grateful that it's had the effect. It has a, I'm sorry from a little mushy, but maybe it's just my age. Maybe it's just a, it's just happened sometimes and maybe I. I dumped all my funny over the weekend, Joan Jett an archetype, an original. She's she's fucking Joan Jett. There's a new documentary about her life and career coming out. It's called bad reputation and comes out this Friday, September twenty eighth. And as I said before, Jones, longtime producer and collaborator, Kenny Laguna was with her for this interview. So you're going to hear from him too, and there was a lot going on in here that day a lot of stuff. The two of them there was, is there there's a little whirlwind and I hope you can feel that as you listen to me, talk to Joan Jett featuring Kenny Laguna..

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