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So that you get some leverage like offensive linemen defensive lineman try to do the battle in the trenches do you remember the one place where Mickael Moore was running down the the floor it just kind of broke down into a catcher's stance they Nick ran over it or if you didn't quite run over but slowed me down for wanting the floor so what Pelosi is that these guys try to take the next step in port besides it is we can spread out of the ball games and they'll do it by getting low by using the lower body as leverage to push the other thing they did practice yesterday is when the guards rebounding drill the guards and they had three managers with the football pads popping up as they were trying to go for a rebound so they're trying everything they can to prepare for what is going to be the most physical game I've seen in this building I think this season and equal to maybe the one down at Auburn for a while if McLemore those guys are all very very physical they're not afraid to foul out Bruce pearl's got a big deal if you just give me what you could get very involved with somebody else but he'll move those guys around Kentucky and Auburn are meeting for the one hundred and sixty time here today the Wildcats lead the series ninety four to twenty one but offers one the last two in a row they've never beaten Kentucky three times in a row here in Lexington it is dominance for Kentucky forty eight wins in fifty games Auburn's last win here was in nineteen eighty eight coach with Sonny Smith who's just down press row is the analyst on the Auburn radio network ten time they met with both of them are ranked and in those games Kentucky is seven and three against the Tigers well the starting line up we come back here in the UK sports network Kentucky basketball is brought to.

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