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Something I'm concerned about here. because you know back in I think it was like the early fifties mid fifties. Maybe the sixties I can't remember what the movie it was called but it's like one of the first movies that was about like alien invasions and and implants and things like that and I think this is where the idea came from but I don't know if it's held up through people's real life stories but in the movie I think the implants that were for being put into people were like these little needles and they were all put in people's next and stomachs and I I know that I've heard people having implants in their arms their legs but also the stomach and it just makes me wonder sure if this is a big if I'm not saying you have an implant reductions if there wasn't a scenario and you were implanted obviously there's technology involved that you know as beyond our comprehension at times and is it possible that there's an implant that is activated the times and that's a sign of the activation where you're actually setting off these alarms. I see what you mean actually in yeah maybe they just they activate it when they need to Paolo. Uso whatever its purposes and then maybe there's they're not interested in whatever it's it's put on hibernate was was there anything different or that stands out in your memory when the during that time when you were setting off these security systems and stuff. was there anything that you noticed different about life. Is there anything that was Kinda list. Any of it is peculiar. I don't think so I really don't There's actually a pretty nice on to be honest. I don't know I don't really recall call anything. I don't recall any serious mood changes or you wounds unexplained wounds or things like that. You know that you know I it just it just it was just strange on it wasn't long after we moved up here to Monroe County. We moved up here in November and so like I said this happened right the following spring and Yeah I noticed that Turkey hill because you don't really hear the alarms they're very often and I think they only had have them for like the differently cell phone chargers and things like that that they sell them. Not many people buy them. They're so expensive there and I just you know why I keep setting this thing off at Turkey hill. Oh you know and like I said we eliminated every variable over a month's time I ask what it could possibly be was it every time that you went into a store pretty much pretty much in or out interact and it was really bad up at the outlets because I mean every store and I mean and there. It's not like there's a lot of Fafsa they'll. They'll look like I'm sorry. I don't know what it is. It's and like I told you that at the Michael Kors store they through my bags. I through L. and I walked through and that things starts going crazy. I said see I told you because I was trying to figure it out. I was asking them like some stores that wouldn't go up on but like a lot of stores that did and it's odd that going in and out it would go off and just like that just stopped went away but it was was when he my friend got that RFID scanner or detector out and it was going off in that garage right at my gut like right around my belly button and everybody's is looking like Oh my God like what's going on. I thought maybe I swallow. Sometimes you swallow thing somehow and they take a while to just. Maybe back got. Some kind of weird meddle in mayor who knows I didn't want it wasn't that to me was just odd and I didn't really get that stressed out or anything for it. I just thought it was odd. Oh Yeah it's definitely odd just when you look at putting things together and a timeline sake the for the first thing that that you remember is the UFO but you don't remember using Aleve and the way you described it does sound like this time loss and then like Ryan like that. Ryan had like time slash and I hope that he hears this. I hope that he knows that there's confirmation yeah that that's a historic. As soon as I heard that I was like wow that's what I saw 'cause I never per too many the Uso stories about something being that large where it took up the entire sky and it was so wow low like right about far above my roof right right and and so you have that happen and then the next thing. Is this weird video where I'm just GONNA say somebody other than you who took that video and send it to your daughter and her that earlier that night you had J. Merckel. Call you and the reason why I asked you when we I talking what the area code was is because my brother is Jack and I. I wanted to just see if there was a a a synchronicity there because he he runs around the entire side of the state with his company. He has a pest control company and I just wanted to Z. Like if there was any connection there but then you have that video happened after the the phone call and then you have the next episode is his bedroom visitations which the subject of that show is weird because you had you had something happened in your room and I didn't even know what it was either until you just call me and with the background of the UFO sightings and the possible abduction and now you're setting off alarms and if that was back in two thousand seventeen but like say yeah it does all fit into the whole idea when I'm describing this. I'm sitting in the right time line right like everything happened. In this order right. Well won't be. Oh you know but just see that the setting off the alarm thing that was in two thousand seventeen that was like may made August two thousand seventeen is what that was of happening but the the the seeing that the USO memory from Salem at that was like two thousand eight two thousand nine okay. I just did a quick google. Search just typed typed in alien implants sets off security alarms and there are a couple of forums that read. I set off store security systems off. I keep setting off shop. anti-theft theft alarms setting off security alarms so I didn't read any of these these but it looks like there's other people with possible same situations. Sion's abduction related or what I haven't read these yet but it might be something for now never mind you. Don't look into it so I'll look into you. Tell me when we first we started getting two thousand fourteen and she used to tell me how like at bite it used to scare him when we'd sleep because apparently I cry when I would sleep. I would twitch soul bad like jumping twitch that he started thinking something was really wrong with me like medically and he said you know you see people twitch when they slave. It's normal but he said amy. You don't understand what you do when you sleep and I he's like it's almost like it's an electrical geico thing like it is. I've never seen anything like it. You'd sometimes do all night and it actually made him worried. He didn't know what was going on with me. He thought you know. Do you take a medication. What is I was like. I don't know I'm not aware of it. At all that I mean it was like for the first year that we were dating that. He's at. I used to do that and it used to. He would it'd be scared to go to sleep because me twitching with like startled him and then it would scare him would stay up all night worrying like. Oh my God look at our what's wrong with her. He said I don't do that anymore. But that's kind of odd to all right so let me ask you a question. I just saw the night that the video was shot of you. You said you went to bed around ten. o'clock right can thirty something like that yeah. I know I was falling by ten thirty. I know that earlier. You said that you tend to be up late at night because because the kids are in bed and you can do things relaxing flint. That's before the two thousand eight hundred thousand nine when I had that memory thanks but this was back the debt like before. I moved up here but when I lived down in bed before I had that experience with that crafts that that vision that memory I used to love the nighttime. It's didn't stand but I don't i. I'm really earliest nighttime. I want another adult in the house like I was telling my friend that night. I had a friend here. She left is when I went to bed when you went to bed that night did you. was that like a normal timeframe for you to go to bed or were. You like extra yeah. It was pretty it was pretty normal. I know it was I think it was weekend and so my son didn't have school school. 'cause I remember you know not beat you could he was up a little bit.

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