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Week. Osho said no problem. I would deputy down this season. But that all of a sudden come to Chelsea Gabe on the Arab particularly for the British that gave Chelsea lead ultimately so they'll put knocked out to the company and you wonder how that affects mentally against a big team. They Chelsea I think more so than anybody needs. That game needs a good before solid performance in that game to give him some momentum and at least put that Chelsea Arab behind him listen is a huge blue in my money. Best goalkeeper in football. Today it's hard to replace that regardless of how good number two is. This is a huge. Can I just say though that if Liverpool are able to do the things that we've come to expect from leur with that intensity in the midfield creating turnovers and forcing those turnovers? I'm from creating chances themselves putting away opportunities defensively solid then there's very little need for alison right against Bournemouth in particular and if indeed I threatened commodity comes into Anfield and you squeeze the live out of a commodity and you force them into mistakes. That's not good enough to break it out own less. You are not playing with that sort of a high level of intensive energy that we come to expect from there so this is really about the performance of Liverpool whole rather than the Goalkeeper. The onfield players. They have to be at their best. And if they are then has no chance This is about Liverpool and really going back to the things that make them successful in. How do you see it with the address against Athletico Madrid? How do you rate their chances of overturning? This one goal deficit not as good as they were with allison in goal because of course the whole dynamic of that athletic Madrid can nickel away goal within Liverpool lowering quite deep trouble because they've had some great European nights. I think the thing I'd worry about a little bit with Liverpool is. You can't any of the pro-soto he this. You can't just switch form off and on and in the last four games they haven't looked themselves is four games now because the other game in that room was the West Ham game when they probably could have slipped a shock. Home Defeat there. But for two uncharacteristic errors from Lucas Fab Bianchi. The goalkeeper westbound might have won that game. They were looking quite comfortable. They gifted that equaliser Liverpool and went on to win it so they are off the boil. I'm sure they've been a few meetings. And a lot of truths told there and they'll want to get right back on song in this game so I go in Europe Ian Champions. Let's not forget. They did overturn a three nil deficit against Barcelona. She can get this done. I am free. Yes they overturned a result against Iraq. But I think a lot hinges on debone math performance right. I think the other results are easy to excuse. We had twice you possession against electrical Madrid. We will we we still in this tie. What was a Blip Chelsea? We made changes nor was certain. If you put your full strength theme back against Bournemouth and you struggle. It really takes the confidence of those players on the part of what you're trying to sell it within within dressing room. The players started started on worried that that they're in a real slump. And then all of a sudden that led to Madrid. Have have the onus on you you put together a good performance which I see a reason why I I think Liverpool have more than enough to over two over two. Who's in the GO-TO final ally? Liverpool Liverpool can't sell me a magical nights at Anfield and then tried to go by. They come in here and do something special. I really do. Think that Liverpool's best we'll certainly take out. I think regardless of whatever committee has to offer remember that second leg on Wednesday so much to look forward to with the return of the Champions.

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