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Sometimes this. Hall of fame. Okay. let's move on. Would we just talking your broncos giving the game away but the game you're watching tonight for Denver. Game Seven. Let's go. I. Have to mutual right out because you called this series over. K You bailed on your hometown team but. It's not over because the clippers are collapsing away. No team has ever back to back close out games they've blue fifteen they blew nineteen point second half leads and the nuggets have nerve. What's the one thing that's swings a game seven Pablo Tori I'm not gonNA woody I called the series over Pablo story you. Look, the story of the clippers should be their depth. They have all these players who are quite good but mantras Herrell has been abysmal eleven points in the last two James Lou Williams, the other sixth man of the year that they have the second one on their roster also sub mediocre those guys aren't going to hold their weight. The entire reason they were brought in to shore up that team in Leonard and Paul George maybe aren't going to score forty points in the same game together if those guys can't do it, this is a massive massive problem of course. So this isn't about the stars for you. This is about six men. This is about the rotation for the clippers about Euclid Yates. I mean, looks. Pretty good job filling in for twice as far as I'm concerned he's been on a milk carton but overall they shot terribly in the second half of game six and Patrick Beverley fouled out which is a series factor in terms of what that was able to do from a team defense standpoint look if. He doesn't even know what his team is going to bring from night tonight. As he said, I've thought exactly a lot of confidence in them but this is why we say it's a maker mislead they gotta make more shots 'cause they're a better team and their transition defense get him into their offense better. They just have to do that better. It's executing what's already they're not changing anything about. What he paid, you've already called the series over, but it's not, and now your team Denver is in a game seven. How do they get here and can they? Can they make it three straight to win this series? Well, first let me say the to airs Human Tony To mute. Is Inhumane. So to get your point. These guys are not aligning about the stars you gotTa realize that there are two key guys to this game. Tonight. One is on the clippers and that's Paul George he kind just shows up disappears throughout this entire bubble time in Florida I think it's important that he has a big game because we know Leonard is go for thirty points and eleven rebounds on the other side. Jamal. Word Joe Murray's. Got To help out the joker he is a guy was scoring fifty points at the previous series. He's going for fourteen points now. So I, think if you're you're not talking about six men and eight men, you're talking about two stars that have merged tonight and I think the the the nuggets have exceptional chance to beat the clippers because the clippers showed that they just can't play in the second out. All right. So then the answer for you is whoever wins that that best of to matchup whether it's Murray and Yokich or whether it's George and Leonard is going to win the game and you're giving the nuggets of a punchers chance or picking him in the game woody. I'M GONNA go with a plunger. Publicly, you got. Jimmy the clippers. Clippers can figure this out because doc rivers isn't going to let them lose. All right taking a break right here when we come back a punchers chance for what he paid by herself. Over two point three million people are in jail in prison today black Americans make up forty percent of those incarcerated despite making up only thirteen percent of US residents. This is not an accident. It's a consequence of decades of bad policy decisions. As we address racism, we must address the crisis of mass incarceration. Joe Biden promised an acl you volunteer that if elected, he'd reduce incarceration levels by fifty percent we. Need Him to follow through on that promise a commitment. Now to release anyone who has served half of a drug sentence with sent a signal that he is serious the ACLU believes are criminal. Legal System is broken racist and unjust. Our next president must fix that and can start by releasing those hurt by the misguided war on drugs paid.

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