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Welcome back on the last thing before we go on a monday night is trouble on the other side of the atlantic when you think about it it was the brexit vote two years ago that was our first big indication that we might be witnessing something of a prairie fire as we near the end of the second decade of this new century if our times have indeed just been redefined as a battle between norms and tearing down those norms whether to stay in the home we've built or burn it down then you could argue that it all started with brexit which like the trump election months after that was the first vote that stunned the establishment when the people of the uk voted to leave the eu two years later that hasn't happened because decoupling is complicated the choice before the uk appears to be somewhere between full on divorce versus staying good friends versus staying together for the sake of the kids well tonight the government of the prime minister theresa may is in trouble and so two is brexit theresa may has suffered some cabinet resignations most notably this morning the foreign secretary boris johnson resigned now respectfully to americans who don't follow uk politics closely he may be more widely referred to as the guy with the hair johnson is a bona fide intellectual and icon a class in a big backer of brexit he is worried the prime minister is too attached to the eu the prime minister has filled the vacancies to her cabinet but she must now watch her flank as leader of the conservative party it's been said by headline writers for the better part of the last two years at remains true breaking up is hard to do and it's less certain tonight for the eu and the uk and a reminder our president is due to arrive in the uk this coming thursday so that is our broadcast for us tonight my thanks to my friend steve kornacki and allie vel shoot for allowing me to sneak away from here for a few days are thanks to you for being here with us and good night from nbc news headquarters here in new york.

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