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Here's another celebrity gossip mystery calling in Bradley this is back in the day a list we is now an A. minus slash B. plus list actress who was looking forward to reliving her glory days in a reboot the thing is though once people started working with her again they realize why they hated working with her before and now things were worse so things are probably not going to work out and there won't be a reboot this is gonna be a Hilary Duff Lizzie McGuire situation what is that repo Lizzie McGuire it was her show on what was that Nickelodeon Disney Disney yeah anything about a was in the choir yeah she's trying to do a reboot yeah so Hilary Duff was looking forward to reliving her glory days in a reboot of Lizzie McGuire but the thing is once people started working with Hilary Duff again they realize why they hated working with Hilary Duff before and now apparently things are even worse so the Lizzie McGuire reboot is probably not gonna work out and it just is not going to be happening Pompeo office she's just like a terror yeah well and she said that the plug was pulled allegedly supposedly on this reboot is because she wanted to take it in a more mature route and Disney wanted to keep it family friendly I mean what like how understand how he would take using a wire into a more mature like yes he wanted to be like a soap opera I believe is like yeah what's the what's the other reboot of Sabrina yeah that kinda is dark yeah yeah how the BO yeah yeah I mean but it's to think that that's gonna happen with Disney I mean Disney just offloaded a series that they were creating based on the movie love Simon they just plopped on Hulu because you know gay people that's not family friendly enough for them so I just feel like Disney is not really interested at this moment in doing anything that's not quote family friend I don't even know what that means well I mean I do know what that means but to them it is something that I have a different than what I would say but that's just my opinion and mine too all right when we come back on the Colleen Bradley show you guys there I'm very excited to announce there is a new musician on the scene yeah we need to hear her latest work it's going to be very exciting will be debuting some new music we don't do this often on the coming of Bradley show you're gonna wanna hear that style because it'll be in your head for the rest of the day after the long summer it is after this on my talk one of seven one.

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