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Yeah and Michael. I'm sharing. This is Michael. I don't believe it right. Shaw I hear this voice hilarious. Go Fuck Yourself Joe. Because I think it's my friend Joe. Yeah playing a prank on me. People always hear these kind of prank mistakes so often. I hang up on Joe Wright the fo the phone rings back again and and it's Michael Eisner and this is Michael. I don't know who joe is. I'm this is Michael. Eisner all Mr Eisner. I'm sorry I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm sorry. I thought you were somebody else that is like I'm I'm calling about your show Catherine. I'm calling about your show wonderland now. They basically just told me they're going to cancel. That are now like kind of working in ages like cancer in your show. And we'd done nine of them know. We hadn't been scheduled to do ninety eight nine scripts. I am deeply passionate. This is before the rent right. This is like my big move before the rundown and he says you know I've seen is shell about mental illness and let me just take one thing. It's diarrhea Matt thank you. Here's you can tell me it's creative going to tell you it's creative diarrhea. You can tell me it's it's stimulating in its original tate stimulating original diarrhea. You could tell me important. I'll tell you it's important diarrhea and there's no important diarrhea. Peter. I'm like okay. I got it I got it. Thank you it's like. Yeah okay so we have a problem. And that's what he's just killing me because my wife loves the show. She says it's the best thing we've got we've got to put it on the air and like. Oh your wife has very good taste sir. I admire that is like I want to show to be seventy percent medical and thirty percent little psychiatric diarrhea. I'm like sixty forty seventy seventy thirty. Thirty Diarrhea Seventy Medical. He wants me to turn it into Er. Yeah I'm like sixty forty fifty fifty and you got to pick up. I go deal and so I've made that deal with him. Yeah we had to recast and turn it into kind of half. Doctors saving lives and have But there's still some really good episodes. They're made the angry ended up doing I think we made eight To made the air and they killed it but then Do you can get them there on Netflix for awhile. There they were they were. They were wild shows yet. I remember it seemed really wild so a couple of things I forgot I had this other memory I remember. There's another time where we went to burroughs. First Wedding in Kentucky Heroin Addict fainted. Do Remember that I remember being at a table. Not Knowing anything about Hollywood. Must've been ninety four ninety. I don't remember when it was and I'm sitting there with you and your wife your first wife Elizabeth and I'm sitting next to Elizabeth Shue and everybody knows Hollywood whisper shoes telling me about being in leaving Las Vegas hasn't been out yet grocery fairness and almost but every I guess like all bets were on it. It was an obvious sort of like well. Good luck with the move. I knew nothing and just remember her being so cold and so horrible and your wife was rough to she was she could be rough as ole intimidating like the easy to be rough two because you are sort of like super primly you always just dangerous like no one knew what the fuck was going to come out of your mouth. They still don't. You're you're you cared but you didn't hear and and you're kind of on your own path so these women. Nobody really knew what to expect from you and they couldn't just write you off. Is his like weird dude from Boston. Right. Because you had too much swagger for that and I think you know just sort of like well maybe that guy land but well yeah but like for a woman like my ex-wife released his shoe. You're going to be like me. They don't know what to make of. You said they're going to like clam up and not a lot. Because you're you're you're kind of like a human weapon system in your did you you Mr Swagger like look when I was dating Whitney comes yeah like she would talk about you like with God and I'm like Marc Maron might go to podcast security. Careful mark you don't know what he's capable of. I'm like what are you talking about? No you don't know what he can do to a person might come. I you know so when he was a slight jet a little bit younger than us. She says she says I tell them. I know I saw. I went to the store and I said I was going to interview. We're going out. Yeah Yeah Yeah. She's always there. I mean that was. I can't quite a woman. Yeah you guys still okay. I mean I love her just as I said to her. After several months of dating back you are a lot. You are the first to admit that I would say yes but as as generous loving intelligent right the work ethic is unlike anything I've ever seen She's let's Nice. You will always love in my heart and your kids are good. My kid is CA. I don't know if there's kids our you only have one kid. Just one son. He's A freshman at university get along with the two very well. The exit was media. We get along very well. We're just intense intense in mean to join the party that she's still in the business. She actually works for my company. Oh really yeah. She's doing she's great. She's a you know something that crossed and do you find it. It's hard to find people that you trust the longer. You're going to see the weird thing about my business is very small. Is that You know I've got my business partner with my producer of this show worked with for decades and spread out. I don't know how to Delegate delegate stop so that's why I have a small world you have a big fucking production. I got a whole company and Nike. No one hundred people working there now and it's interesting how it's it's just hard as you get older to find people that they you know they can trust that you can count on next. Sunday you wake up and you know you're the oldest guy in the room you're the boss and you look like we gotta get someone to solve this problem and you realize you're the guy you know at the end of the day. I'm happiest writing and directing you know movies and TV shows and learning how to manage a company and have a business each department each one of these subsidiary. These departments have heads. Yeah they all have a head and then I have a great like CEO who this Guy Mack. Goldberg who's a really great businessman. Yeah can experience but still I have to assume some responsibility for understanding you know how much cost human resort to human resources people in three accountants. And I'm like what's going on you know like It's turned into a real company of E. But you definitely have to trust people. Yeah you have to delegate entrenched and you realize that you know. They're just not a lot of people out there that you can trust here. Not Not untrustworthy. But if you're looking for people to kind of grow a business or you're doing you you've got the brain of opening up a larger operation and that requires other people doing their job right and and as I say as as like I don't know Tak is. It may sound as I get older. I realize you know in business. The most important job by far is the person that can divorce the other person from their money right so I've got to be directed movie. I have to be able to go and look at the my bosses at universal or net flex wherever it is looking in the eye and say. I need a ridiculously large amount of money. You need to give it to me. I am going to take it. I'm going to make up the story and film in Spain. I'M GONNA make a movie. I'm going to give it back to you and people are going to make a lot of money and you're going to say thank you to me. Yeah so give me that my most important for the hardest job at the end of the day. And if you're in business like that's what we do our sellers reproduction coming and finding people that can actually go out and close deals and bring the work in a very very hard skill set to find. No kidding there's something you is. Is there some sort of like thing that you WanNa do that? You haven't accomplished with the movie's just so I'm I'm I'm Lena. Like Make Your Oscar movie. I WANNA I WANNA make a love story so the film. I'm I'm doing a I'm writing it now And I and I always joke. If if if like I'm always on people I've made what you're working on. Making less movies are very violent early but I actually our kind of love stories just generally tend to be about a male brotherhood Camaraderie but I'm I'm a joke for a that. WanNa make love story classroom doing you know. I would always be in the middle of some giant action sequence. And I'm like I just want to be on a beach with a boy and a girl a bottle of wine in south of France on a camera kissing and they're crying I don't want this shit man and I joke but the truth is I do WanNa make love story so I have a have the idea and I'm writing it now. This is GonNa be big departure for people. It's still pretty twisted. And there's a military component to it but it's it's thank God won't disappoint your fans if there's a lab store good talking to you pal. I love you. I thought it was going to be That you're going to just I don't know what I thought worked out good. You seem seem relaxed. Nicer when you're older bat and work for you. I'm relaxing next time. You see 'em electric to and you didn't attack like Whitney Cummings said why would I do that? She's tired Askar. Say why. Computer scare people know attack. Pete Berg Well. How does that and never know? But there's a hammer on your desk now. I wouldn't have been a hammer. And you knew you weren't gonNA say anything. DidN'T WANNA say. What am I going to? Why are people scared of you? Because I'm intense. I think you're that knowing. No if you know me you see the people make assumptions of Metoo. Yeah people think I'm intense. I mean I'm not gonNA. I heard that you like at are prone to sometimes physically guiding your camera people around the set. Knock them around. Go move move because I'm trying to get the shot and they're not getting it and I got to help them but not not hurting. I never heard I nine. I forgot to bring that. I have probably done well. Well good luck in Thanks for putting me in the movie and looking forward to the military component in the new love story..

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