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To check it out chris go forth i yeah the big nfl story breaking right now if you missed it at the end of last hour andrew luck shut down for the rest of the season will continue to rehab no more throwing based on recommendations of several doctors not considered a career ending according the in rappaport adam schefter followed up with that this past week the colts worked out quarterbacks josh john source added mad barkley matt magui an earned and conner shaw they knew this day was coming so anybody with the rider left arm that can fog up a mirror not in khanna capper much pretty much yet because why would they want to take a guy and colin kaepernick that has an opportunity to uh continue on with whatever jacoby per said it's doing why would they want to do something like that just leave out there at all i mean we talk about it all the time we do jim we talk about it but and then they like we'd like phone lines up in that regard the fourmonth role it but at any rate look i told you uh whatever they need to do to stay put in their draft position and get sake one barkley that's the guy if andrew luck is your quarterback of the future which i believe they believe he is they paid him now that he believes that he can be fine and if that the medics at the the medical prognosis is just rest for the rest of the year then then get that kid with aback feel with uh marla mac and uh frank or the inconvenient truth teaches them both about how to be professionals at that level she why hilton uh and the new draft as many offensive lineman as you can as i said the last hour they should build a big beautiful wool in front of andrew lock and make jim irsay pay for it that's the that should be chris ballard's walking the move agenda from here on out of other quarterback news let's go.

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