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And getty show here. I am recovering. Getting out of here. Finally tomorrow am. I going to get a vaccine Why not because there's too many issues with these vaccines. So here's a guy. He's in a hospital bed. He's got an oxygen tube in his In his nose in east currently had a pretty rough run of it Looking at cindy. yeah we the bat fever. Yeah yeah. He's got the covert sorry berry but Yeah louise easy and louisiana one of your areas where people aren't getting the cove for Well let him explain to the reporter. This father former baseball coach. Small business owner and hunter caught cove. It and then he developed pneumonia before you got sick. If you would have had a chance to get the vaccine and prevent this would you have taken a vesey. So you'd have gone through this. I'm going through this yes sir. Don't shove it down my throat. At what's local state federal administration is trying to do shoved down your throat. What are they shoving science. No they're shoving the fact that that's their agenda. The agenda is to get vaccinated. That's really something man you're sticking your guns on the whole not getting vaccinated thing. Your hospital bed with a tuba knows Got pretty dang sick and Nope glad i didn't get it still not going to get it. You know that. Just sounds like oppositional ism. Yeah so resent. The messengers like a teenager. I so resent my parents being in charge of me. Even if they tell me you probably ought to get your hair way from that fire. You can't tell me what to to. I mean i. I don't know if you legit think that there are the problems with with the vaccine. Okay fine. I have allied my worries. You haven't yours that's fine. We can have a difference of opinion. But i don't wanna be knee jerk. Opposition guy coming up abidance. Pick to run the atf. The alcohol tobacco and firearms agency is really anti-gun and thinks anybody owns a gun is just a simpleton. Dofas probably a trump supporter you. You'll hear from him coming up next segment very maddening. Barragan descending you know there's another big win in the in the house of representatives. Yesterday we ought to talk about. But i just got this text from my twenty one year. Old dini daughter. I'm boring now. I really just had the thought My next clout couch should be a recliner. What have i become. i said. I don't know an adult. Someone who likes to recline. He says in all caps. Don't want to be an adult. I wanna save my money for candy. I remember wanting the the hating the fact that is becoming an adult. And that's something. I got something interesting later. Maybe i can get to that next segment. Isn't that yeah. Finally something interesting thing. I learned from reading a mrs dalloway. Mrs dalloway from virginia woolf about About aging and looking at the world that i thought was really interesting. You know it's funny. I was kind of excited about being an. Nfl didn't have that problem. I was i was into it. But you're already married though. Yeah i was june so you joined adulthood very early. Yeah the fitness among olympians. We need to get to and you tired of working out. Start cutting off your blood flow rapid rubber band.

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