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Hi Friends welcome back to daily bread. I'm Deepak Chopra these last weeks. We have gone on a deep dive into the exploration of the south. This week. I want to pose an idea to true freedom. Because in non-local awareness this is the heart of the thirteenth secret of the South attaining personal freedom. If I say true freedom because only non-local Awareness. What does that mean non-local in this case means having known location hint space or time it is a deeper knowing what has been called. Melania it is annoying of a deeper reality which have also called Meta Reality Meta Nia Meta cognition. Basically you originally were. Melania comes from the Greek which means having a change of heart so actually one can go into this deeper level of awareness. And if you can reach it you have access to what is called pre cognition to possibly remembering of other lifetimes or remembering of experiences. That you don't consciously remember. Somehow they are seeded in deeper awareness. It implies a level that gives rise to a more Relational lists date knowing that this kind of eavesdropping on the dialogue of the universe. You Begin to see yourself. As a ripple in the field of cosmic consciousness but the rupel also knows how to dive into the ocean of cosmic consciousness and this ability to navigate from local which means in space and time to non local which means space and time is the actual meaning of redemption or salvation of freedom or what is called Macho in Sanskrit freedom from all conditioning. And this results. And what we call a lightness of being or the state of flow or.

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