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Streams he can check it out and enjoy. Yourself how about? That All right I Disney's hotel they have, they spent a lot of money in Anaheim lawyer we talked about. This their plans beautiful new hotel but yet they are shutting it down there suspending construction due the city of Anaheim and if I were in Anaheim. City council member and I'm going to take on. Disneyland you should also open up your Samsonite because you'll be moving on I that that's not going to be happening construction on a new Disney owned, hotel in downtown Anaheim has been halted dispute between Disney and city officials you're looking at a rendering, of that new hotel the ordinance approved by the Anaheim city council in July two thousand sixteen gave. The proposed hotel is seventy percent break on the city's transient occupancy tax. But specified that the subsidy go. To a luxury hotel built near the. North end of the resort not in the. West End where it is being built now. In a high Mayor Tom Tate said Disney can build the project without a subsidy from the city oh is that right okay what's the. Guy's name Bill Tate in a high mayor Tom. Tate said damn tape in a high mayor Tom Tate said Disney can build the project without a subsidy from the city okay so Tom Tate we'll, be looking for a job soon because Disney will beat Tom Tate up does he spends a hell, of a the only reason people go to Anaheim is because of Disney Disneyland Otherwise, it would, have been like another just another city in Orange County but everyone. That, goes there because? Of. Disneyland I can't imagine how much money they spend annually, and how much for the city and how much, they're taxed annually by is a hell of a lot of money all right. Very. Good Kelsey group, by the way we should mention this was the project if you remember that. Whatever replaced rainforest cafe ESPN zone that's? Right the they they already closed those restaurants so if they don't If they. Decide you know what we're not, going, to, build a. Hotel here we're just, going to reopen these restaurants. Or reopen those spaces Then the people, who were put? Out of work what maybe three four hundred. People in all the places that had to carry easily yeah They were they had to go find, new jobs at, some point that's crazy headed your parents ever take you to Hearst. Castle We nearby we. Never actually went to grow by elders a castle cheap. To get in no it just didn't really appeal to know No Yeah how about? You how about you, know did you ever go to Hearst? Castle Hearst castle Monda I've been there you've been. There ended bellio have? You been. There Hearst castle I saw it out in. The distant drug another, try. By right Joey you look at. It never been what? About, you. Angel yeah yeah. I don't know there's families that went into this. Family's they didn't and if you grew up with a dad who liked, the race track there wasn't enough excitement. At Hearst castle So we. Passed but if you had. A dad that he is putting. The mortgage on the three horse or like. Vegas or was in, the. Fast lane wasn't enough to go. See somebody else's house? And, also. Made you feel. Bad it's like wow these guys really lived great. And then you go back to your two bedroom apartment with four kids, on Kester and Sherman way that sucks Right The way they lived in this is the crap that we got, here but Hearst, castle the pool for people at did go and enjoyed the pool is being filled, again The first time in a, long time a water is flowing again at this iconic Hearst castle pool. Crews drain the eighty year old that Neptune. Pool in two thousand fourteen I because of the drought. Then for repairs after four years of work there now testing the water this is. Part, of a million dollar projects it will take a few, days to, fill that pool it's expected to be back on the public tours again in two. Or, three weeks yeah it, always, when you see empty. Pool, at always streams white trash. Except, for like the Hearst castle unless unless it's just empty because they're renovating, it yeah it. Always weird like wow the guy to castle yeah but look at his pool yeah Yeah Two feet of water or of water at the. Bottom I almost died in a pool in a. Pool it was empty and that's very difficult to do in Los. Angeles but when my wife and I moved into a new house in, Tarzana it had a pretty cool pool right about twelve thousand gallons or, so and a deep end a legitimate, deepen whereas twelve feet where you go down yard the, bottom and I drained it because we're going to redo the. Plaster there was falling apart and I put a pump in there and and it drained took like two or three days to drain it. Syria and then there was a serious. Bump and then there was only about six inches of water there at the bottom and the pump kept falling. Over so I got in the pools six in the. Morning I got in the pool and I just at the, pump I put it, on? Right And then I couldn't get out of the pool because the smoke? Was so lost, and look, I, am, I kept slipping back into the water and. This is like. A winter morning shows like forty forty five degrees. And nobody's gonna come looking for you and my wife was sleeping. And I yelled her name she didn't come yelled neighbors they didn't come, and I'm like I'm gonna freeze, to death I'm a die in a, pool in southern California and they're gonna, put hyper hypothermia as the reason he died right like, the only guy in the world to die in a Southern. Cal an empty southern California pool that froze to death and I Finally I got the hose and I was able to throw the hose. Around the ladder and pull myself up. Real slowly and finally got out of that pool but I was yelling for people for like fifteen twenty minutes. And nobody was around and what do you yell when. You're in the bottom of an empty pool you can't yell, you're drowning bright white fired Being robbed, I'm, getting killed Yeah I could have been, going to die. Right there. But thank. God I didn't all right we're gonna, take a small break again the Aretha Franklin. Tribute by Mokhele's is terrific I just heard the most of. It during the commercial break it'll be on Saturday during the Mokhele show six PM to eight PM right here. On KFI AM six, forty when we come back we have some fellas in, the studio here from sweetjames and we're going, to discuss some things them especially Sam here who used to be on opposite of us over another. Radio station and. Thank God he's not anymore so. Now, we, dominate Los Angeles yes Tim there's also some breaking news about. Apartment, fire in West Hollywood yeah trying to get the on this. Evacuated carbon building West Hollywood but you can. See.

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