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To unpack. The Bears interviewed Mike Singletary yesterday for their vacancy at defensive coordinator after the retirement of Chuck Pagano. And this guy's one of the great players in the history of the sport, let alone our city, and there are people don't know. Hard past don't want him. He's Mike. Forget Singletary. If he wants to talk, you talk to him. Hi, honey. Yeah, You know, we were talking before cap about who are the bears close to the organization. You know Thomas, George McCaskey and Ted Phillips. And that front office who are they close to his father's former bears. We couldn't come up with a name. Of Singletary still has a tight to the Bears have no problem with it. I don't want him to be my defensive coordinator. Necessarily. And here's why, for Mike Singletary's case for his sensibilities, man. Don't come in here just for a year. This might be a lame duck opportunity, right? This might be a lame duck position. If if the If the Bears underachieve there could be changed. That's all. I'm rooting for his change because I think that you could start to see the defense be in transition. You might not have a number one wide receiver coming in next year. So a lot of question marks about the football. Hold on. I want to go back up. You just said All I'm rooting for his change was your quote. Absolutely. So you're not rooting for them. Now that everybody's back to have a good season next year. You're already all in on change. Well, I said that last this past season, right? So why would I change now? So I told you that in October or November, I said, you know, I think it's time for change. Because that was different. You knew there was a possibility It didn't happen. But there was a possibility as we kept losing. No. We watched our bears goal six straight with a loss, right? Might be changed. There was speculation nationally locally. We didn't get it now that we didn't get it. I'm all in to see him win the Super Bowl. I don't think it's gonna happen. No, because we know what's on the field. We got good, too good working eyes and I'm really good TV. We know exactly what bears football looks like. And so no, I'm still in there for change because I can't change my opinion on that. Can't share because I know what it looks like. See, I understand if I just got dropped into Chicago and not understand the culture What goes on around here? If I'm new to the city, like wait their right name the playoffs last year. You know, the arrow's pointing up. That's a much better football team than I thought. Actually, they're not. They backed their way in like a big girl on the dance floor. They backed their way in. So so the idea that I'm going to change my opinion. Is that Zach gonna ask you I'm asking you to do what I've done. It is. I'm going down the highway of I want change. I want change. Yeah, that exit's closed. Okay, boss..

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