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At seven oh four forecast clouds building overnight we already have have a fair amount but tomorrow we'll we'll get some sunshine in the afternoon high around sixty eight degrees we should be the mostly sunny for both sunday and memorial day with high temperatures around seventy degrees right now in seattle it is overcast and we have sixty five degrees komo news time is six fifty five the president of the university of southern california is stepping down the university's board of trustees announcing today that c l maximum kia's has agreed to leave his position and the process to select a new president is underway the move follows a wave of criticism over the university's handling of accusations of sexual misconduct against female of female students by a longtime campus ghana colleges more than three hundred people have made accusations against dr georgia tindale dating back to the nineteen ninety s a great day for harvey weinstein's the alleged victim today we were joyce tomorrow will be hard again but today we can have a moment for all of us this is for all of us who've been told nothing so says actress rose mcgowan after weinstein turned himself into new york police this morning and was released on one million dollars bond mcgowan was one of the first women to publicly accused weinstein he destroyed not just rears but like the nights that i've been on the floor crying while he gets oskar and the other women we're humans she calls hollywood a breeding ground for sexual misconduct hollywood has operated like a mafia for so long you know they take a valve omerta if you're in it but you know for me i kind of said nobody asked me to take silence so no thanks surrendered his passport and agreed to wear in electron electronic monitoring bracelet toronto police searching for two men who bombed a restaurant last night injuring some of the diners to men in hoodies with their faces covered entered the bombay bell restaurant in the toronto suburb of.

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