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Deck 8 to 3 Mets. We are in the ninth inning with one man away. The king will stretch and here's the old one. This one on a foul right back to the mid portion of the net behind home plate challenged him with a good fastball there, but only registering 90 MPH. It was location he beat Brandon Nimmo wasn't necessarily velocity, but it was the sequence in the location. There wasn't able to turn that pitch around. That's a pitch in the location. Left handed hitter. He's looking to jumped at 3 14 down the right field line here at Yankee Stadium. Kings. Oh, to pitch and it swung on and missed. Good. Giddy up there. He has a good Swifty doesn t 95 97. Yeah. The whole late movement there with some as a two seam grip on the baseball tell you what. King has done a couple of things. He's piled up strikeouts. He's fanned eight the game since he came in his pits almost four innings. And that's the other part of it, helping to save a big part of Aaron Boone's bullpen and a game that was getting away doubleheader tomorrow as well. Yeah, Mrs Swing at a foul back out of play by Francisco Lindor has two hits today, and he's also walk two times. Jim was talking about Shohei Otani and the home runs and all the offense and mentioning the pitching stuff, too. Is he without question your M V P in the American League. Yeah. I mean, it's You don't even expect him to continue at this pace, but anything remotely close to it, And I got to say Yeah, it's simply Bpm League next one down and in a ball on the door, man. It's one on one. A Vladimir Guerrero Jr is going to have a lot to say about that. I think, because he's had a magnificent first half but show Hey, I mean, pasted 60 home runs and he's getting out for you on them out. Now. He did come in here to Yankee Stadium, and they blew him up. Yeah, he had a really bad night. There's a lot of anticipation about that coming to New York for the first time, a lot of buzz and he walked the ballpark and fell behind. Of course, they would rally to win that game. 11 breaking ball that missed so two and one on Francisco Mets eight Yankees 3/9 inning The Mets have outhit the Yankees, 14 to 3. Two men away blender Waiting on a 21 from King has been impressive. He delivers and swinging file back little cut there ended up What's down the middle of the plate, Which is that movement it because it to miss the barrel, and it's the spot where Pandora could turn it around into the field of play looks really good from the right side today and Is it? Bats hasn't looked as good for the left side to to to the switch hitter Swing and a miss Big fastball got him. He strikes out three more in the inning. And we are off to the bottom half of the ninth inning at Yankee Stadium, the Mets on top 8 to 3 over the Yankees. This is Major league baseball on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. Okay, we get it. You don't want to be hearing a progressive commercial right now. So let us tell you something You do want to hear. You are intelligent. You make all the right decisions. You were smart before smart was cool, and you made it cool again. You have a wealth of knowledge. And you are so very clever..

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