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Gilio here on seven twenty WGN, and we are live in the AllState skyline studio eighteen stories above beautiful downtown Chicago. And it's the overnight show. And I'm Nick Gilio here till five AM Steve percentage has the opening bell at five in the great Steve Cochran at six has your Friday. Morning drive. Our Friday regular features will return next week. And I will announce who is now going to be my producer. That person will begin on Monday morning on the show on officially be my fulltime producer. So looking forward to that three one two nine eight one seven two hundred is a phone number. And we have been talking about weird habits. Or, you know, weird quirks that we all have. And if you would like to jump in three one two nine eight one seven two hundred that's the phone number for talk or text with your admittedly, strange little quirks and habits, and here is Carl on WGN. I Karl Nick Oriole. All right. What's up? I guess this would fall under the category of post nasal drip, my girlfriend when we would go to the show we'd be sitting and watching the movie and every so often she'd be going. She would go. And I never questioned her. I never questioned I didn't wanna know. But she was just constantly going. All didn't have a cold. She wasn't sick or anything. I was later on. I realized she probably had post nasal drip. And she was getting rid of it. Then I had a buddy who also had postnasal, drip. But he did something else. He would make a sound that was like. And I asked him one time I said, what are you doing? He goes on scratching the back of my throat. And I'm going what? And then it dawned on me also that he had post nasal drip. And that was his way to get rid of it the post nasal drip. But he called it scratching his throat. He was with his mouth close. And you know, what I'm saying? I got. Yeah. I have another friend. This is kind of strange his wife had that separating the food on the plate situation. Right. I never watch. Any? I never watch people eat. I look at my plate. I eat my food. I don't people and see what they're doing in their business. Right. It used to drive him nuts because his wife had everything separated on her plate. She would take a little bitty from here a little bit from there a little bit from there, and it just drove him up. He couldn't stand it. He could take it might have triggered his divorce because it because they got a divorce and then one day he confessed to me after I've known this guy for years and years. He said, you know, what? My dad was really impressed with the way you eat. And I said why? And he said, well, he was impressed because you always clean your plate. And I thought well, yeah. When when I take food and put it on my plate, I take the amount that I'm going to consume. And then I can sue that. I ended up with an empty plate because I took as much food as I wanted to eat, and he said, yeah, my dad was really impressed with his family apparently had the habit of piling food on their plate and overdoing it a little bit and going, you know, I took much and then when they would clear the table there'd be leftover food most of their plates. You know, what do you do? What's the deal? What what you just take the amount that you're going to eat? And if you need to take a little more, take a little more. But what's the deal unless it was competitive thing when you have, you know, right? And you wanna get you wanna make sure you get your share? So you pile it on. Right. Right, right. Yeah. I I never had that issue because I don't have a I'm an only child. So I've there was enough food for my parents and for me. And so I think a lot of people eating very in very strange ways or have their eating eating habits and all that stuff. Carl thanks for the call. Join a want to jump in its three one two nine eight one seven two hundred and yeah. So let's let's get to some texts here that have come in. If you guys want to jump in with your weird habits or quirks three one two nine eight one seven two hundred Jason says, my biggest quirk is that I always have to carry two pens in my pocket. For for for me. I'm very very here at work. I have I have a very specific routine that I have to do every time I come in. And I have to set up the studio the way that I want it set up. And. Have the computer in a keyboard and a certain spot if the computer screen in a certain spot the monitor that's on the council they have to have in a certain spot. I have to have my Cup with about twelve thirteen fourteen pens in it. I have to have that at all times. I have to move the phone that I use to take the calls from the callers, I have to move closer than most people have it. So I have to like specifically I have to set up the studio the way that it's set up right now, or I will be very very uncomfortable. If they're, you know, there was a time when we were working over at over at the trip building, and I would use the the the studio on the seventh floor, and I pretty much was the only one I'm I'm pretty much the only one that uses the studio they use they use this studio for. I think I think maybe Williams does this show in here. Sometimes he does he does he does. And then they do podcasts in here. But put, but I'm pretty much the only one that uses the show like on a pretty regular leases the studio 'cause I prefer the studio because the other one has a nice view. It's got a nicer view because you can see the navy pier. And you see the lake and everything I don't care about that. Because this studio was set up almost exactly like the studio on the seventh floor of the trip building. I mean, it's set up almost exactly like it. And the other studio the producers too far away. The producers on the wrong side. I want the producer to my left, and I want to be able to see the producer in any other studio. It's to the right and their way, faraway. They're all the way on the other side of the room. So once I got into the studio, and I looked at it. And they set it up almost exactly like the seventh floor studio, again, I'm very particular about the way the studio was set up and how you know how my stuff is in front of me. And so that's why I started working in the studio when we were working across the the river there at the at the trip, and we were preparing to move here. They basically demolished the studio on the seventh floor and I had to use the showcase studio. Showcase studio was the one that you can see from Michigan avenue. The showcase city was covering glassy were on Michigan avenue. You could see on pioneer court people walk by and outdoor Mike. If you wanted to talk somebody walking down Michigan avenue, you could I was not crazy about that studio. I, you know, I found it to be especially distracting for my guests like if I had guests on they rely. They were live in studio idiots coming up and banging on the window constantly, and I used to be on Saturday nights. And I'd have to use that. And I can't tell you the number of drunks and would come up and smack into the window and all that kind of stuff. So I liked being on the seventh floor away from people. And I'm eleven stories higher here. So I like that even more. But when they demolished the studio for about three weeks, I think it was three weeks a month. I had to use the showcase studio and everything was the opposite of what it was on the seventh floor. And so like, I said, I'm very particular particular about the way I set up the studio it's got to be set up the way, I want it. And the computer was on the wrong side. Nightmare for everything. Yeah. And then so for that three and a half weeks three three and a half weeks almost month that we had to do our show out of the showcase studio. I was like oh God. And then. You know when I came here. The first time I came to the to. Here to just check out the the the the, you know, the space we weren't ready to open yet. But I came in. And I was here and Adam Phillips was one of the guys that help put this whole thing together that helped open up this the space I came in. And I saw this studio and I walked in. I was like this looks exactly like the seventh floor. So I'm taking this studio. That's all there is to it you called dibs on. I did. I did. No, I absolutely did. We actually had to switch stuff around because I call dibs up. I'm not kidding. I'm not kidding. So anyway, but now there's studio setup. Exactly like it. When I get here. You know, other people use the studio, and then they screw it up in my opinion. It's like why do you do that? Why is that over there? Why is this here? So, you know, it takes me a good ten fifteen minutes at the beginning of my shift when my shift, but when I get here because I usually get here a couple of hours or an hour and a half before the show set everything up, and here the way, I want it set up in a very particular about that. And that's a habit. That's that's one of my weird quirks. What am I wear work works? And I have to have my Cup full of pens. I have a pen. I always will have a pen and my Johnny Carson pencil. My my the tonight show with Johnny Carson pencil with the two with an eraser on each side. Because those were that's how Johnny Carson had it. So that's I have that in front of me at all times. So. Yeah. Because I'm a weirdo. You wanna talk about quirks? Weird weird. I'm very very weird work quirks here. It's at at the station. So three one two nine eight hundred seven two hundred what are your weird habits and weird quirks? Here's Joanna WGN. Hi, joanne. Hi, nice son is ambidextrous. And if he has to write multiple lines. He will right. The first time and then sleek is right. The second one which is left and so on until he's finished leading trading asked him know why? And he said he likes to cheer on his mind. Okay. All right. That's kinda strange. So is he okay? Alright, joanne. Thank you. Yeah. Three one two nine eight hundred seven two hundred is the phone number..

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