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If you want us, just ask your smart speaker for us. Alexa, play five fifty KFYI on iheartradio. Sounds like a pretty good choice to me. Thanks for being here. We're here until ten AM. Talking about local issues, and I think the local issues are more important to me many times. And you know, they don't get the the sexy response the as the national elections do. But I love this red. Fred story, I've loved it from the very beginning. And what I love about it is the debate. And it's how the debate is framed. And how the debate is casted, and you know, there are people involved, and I'm if you listen to the show for any length of time rarely am I disrespect for I even do people. I disagree with I'm fairly respectful of people the red Fred leadership, especially Joe Thomas and all of this. I have sought out Mr Thomas on a number of occasions to engage with him and talk about these issues. I had no personal ill will towards Joe Thomas whatsoever. I still don't neither do I toward Jay Barbuda who I have no idea who he is other than seeing a picture of him on Twitter. You know, any of their leadership Noah Carvalhas has been on this show. These are leaders in the red Fred movement. What they've done is. They've gone underground. And it is an important topic to everyone and what we're talking about that. What we're talking about is they have gone underground. They have claimed to be something they're not. And at the very beginning of this movement before Joe Thomas took it over. I wonder if there's a starting point with this that you have to keep in mind at the very beginning of red. Fred Joe Thomas got up at a podium as the head of the ANC AU, which are the two pseudo union teacher organizations in Arizona. Joe Thomas got up and endorsed David Garcia for governor. Now, you may be asking yourself who's David Garcia. Exactly. And so he he endorsed him for governor and red Fred kept saying, this, isn't political this isn't political. And so you Doris David Garcia and Joe Thomas is. No, no, no. I'm not read Fred. I may I may you were the unions. We we we endorsed David Garcia. I'm not read Fred the Halley wasn't. The crossover is was was undeniable say were lying. So then Joe Thomas took over the movement. I know that for a fact. And so does everybody involved in red, Fred? They had a guy named Derek Harris who was kind of the henchman Derrick Harris was this foul mouth schoolteacher dropping f bombs on Twitter. Now, this guy supposed to be a schoolteacher and his Twitter page looked like a foul mouth college student dropping f bombs he would he would drop f bombs at people within red Fred that didn't like him or didn't like some of the things that are happening or dared. Ask questions Derrick Harris came to town. I believe I don't have proof of this. But I believe for the purpose of red, Fred he failed miserably he's gone in incomes a guy named Jay bar Budo. I don't know Mr. Barbour. We invited him on the show many times. He's not accepted. I've heard that Mr. bar Buddha wanted to talk with me, maybe not on the air but wanted to talk. Joe Thomas told him, no. Red. Fred has gone underground. If this is a group of teachers that are just in this for just the children if this is about proper funding for the classroom. If this is about the very honorable things that red Fred said, they're standing for why have they closed their face group down Facebook group down to only members that they have fully vetted. Why is it a closed group? Why have they told their members on the Facebook page? We will no longer answer any of your questions publicly. If you ask us a question on the Facebook page, even though it's a closed group. We're going to delete your question. And we're going to answer you in a private message. And I'm retailing this story for the red. Fred people the supporters of red for the red. Fred members that are listening. Why would Joe Thomas want you to hide if you're proud of the work you're doing and many of you are why aren't you publicly talking about it? Why is it only after you organize behind the scenes like you're doing for the spring break thing down at the capitol when you just show up down there. Why is it the public doesn't know more about you? And it's because Joe Thomas knows you can't. When you demanded and justifiably so you wanted someone to pay attention to the fact that teachers are not getting the money they need in the classroom, including paychecks do their jobs. The governor whether you're Republican or democrat, the governor and the legislature responded affirmatively and gave you a twenty percent raise over three years. Now, here's the caveat to how this works all the money's been allocated to the districts the districts cannot deny that. But there are also is no guarantee at the district level that every penny of those that raise money will go to the teachers they can put that money in administrative costs. They can put that money in maintenance costs. They can do what they want with that money. The money. Is there Redford's not going to say that the teachers have gotten the raises? And they're going to get the next raise that was promised in them next year. So what are they planning? They are planning their spring events. They have got spring break coming up. There's gonna be spring break down at the capital. There's going to be you probably at least fifteen twenty people in red shirts down there at the capitol. And they're gonna make demands and they're going to try to have their voices heard. This has been and always will be about a tax increase and a democratic takeover of the state legislature. For a movement that said, it wasn't political. They ran fifteen eighteen whatever it was. They ran a bunch of teachers on the democrat side of the aisle to trade tighter. Trae take over house and Senate seats in the legislature. They have every right to be political. They have every right to fight for everything they want, but why are you hiding and if you're in red Fred answer that question to yourself? Why is your organization why are they so afraid you if you want to say, it's because we twist their words, I'm inviting you on to tell us in your own words. If Joe Thomas is proud of what he's doing. If Joe Thomas knows he's on the side of angels. Why wouldn't he come and tell me where I'm wrong? If Joe Thomas and the leadership at red Fred were not down at the capital last year or the year before when this past last year if they weren't down there trying to kill the budget in the wee hours of the morning. Why wouldn't they call me a liar publicly? Why wouldn't they? I mean, they could you could get rid of every bit of credibility. I have on the red. Fred issue. Prove I'm a liar. I ruined your credibility. Because Mr Thomas went behind the scenes at the legislature and tried to kill the budget that would give the race to the teachers because he wanted a tax increase and that was the mechanism. And when he couldn't kill the budget. He ran out to the teachers that were the ca a capital steps and congratulated the teachers forgetting the budget passed that he had just spent the night trying to kill. If I'm lying about that. Mr Thomas, please. Call me a liar publicly. I'm not lying because that's what they did. They said they weren't political. They are political. They say, they're not socialists, except they are Noah, Corvallis rights for Marxist, magazines, and Marxist websites and has been for years, not just when he started with red, Fred he's in red Fred because he is a Marxist. He's not a Marxist because he's infrared Fred. He has written many times about how capitalism is killed public education. He's a champion of socialism. He's entitled to that. There are many proud socialist out there, a Cossio Cortez made it sexy and popular why hide from it. Why run from it? It's way too important. This is about children that we are trying to educate. We're doing a better job in funding. We're doing a better job of getting kids to read a grade level. The really good teachers that deserved a raise or getting some of the resources they need to do a better job. Arizona's moving in the right direction. In in the end, we should all be concerned about this. Because when we want children educated, we all want the pool of resources for children to be educated to do a job or to go to college or whatever's next in their life. We all want that not just read Fred. The red. Fred movement is about money and power. And they're furious that they don't have either. They are furious that they don't have either. And they're doing everything they can to try to get it. I'm not I'm not leaving the issue. And I'm going to remind them every day of every week. I'm on the air. We're waiting J bar Budo said have Broomhead reach out to me if he wants to talk. I heard that he wants to talk his boss Joe Thomas won't let him.

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