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Anyway all that aside oh i also added some movies to the movies to watch with your dad's segment from rb p fortysix this first bunch they're all space movies and there was a jested that i add them by by one of the rb p gang members interstellar great movie love that movie also a good dad movie because it has a lot to do with you know madame econo hayes character and his relationship with his kids and shit also alien the original store wars trilogy and apollo thirteen apollo thirteen great one and i'm probably biased because i'm from houston big nasa guy but lots of good space movies you can watch with your dad also the patriot with mel gibson not sure how i left that one off fantastic movie to watch with your pops happy birthday to brandon cooper birthday was yesterday one of our listeners limit up player stick around at the end of the show for life changing for more life changing important announcements let's get into our first segment every core you wanted in high school was trash so when i was a little kid idol out of hot wheels you know many people did was really wheels i loved them i also had several of these like much more expensive and intricate slightly larger model cars like you could fit one in your hand but they were bigger than hot wheels probably like ten times bigger than a hot wheel and one of them was purple plymouth prowler which is like the most hord core midlife crisis mistake a human being could possibly make and then another one of them was a yellow dodge viper in oddly enough just to connect the dots on my weird life i'm almost positive i won both of those at dave and buster's but that's neither here nor there i fucking loved that dodge viper and when i turned sixteen that was like my ultimate pipe dream car so we got to talking about dodge vipers in the office today which is why i'm bringing this up at all and the dodge viper is kind of the alternate overcompensating for some serious physical or mental issues vehicle fucking love it i am now officially all in on dodge.

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