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But he he's good in a play that shows that he was working with people and working in the house and making alliances making moves, but has a as the show goes he just has nothing to offer. Yes. And now as being mentioned he is even infecting the episodes with some questionable filler segments. And and to top it all off he has in fact decided at least he is thinking about this if the nominations do stay the same if Ryan or Joey do win the veto. He's thinking. Should just vote tomorrow off instead of Dina, right? We should get rid of taymor instead of DNA taymor instead of DNA. Yeah. That makes sense. I mean, maybe it does. I don't even care. What do you stop Kato ruining everything? I mean. Yeah, let's totally get rid of someone that's gonna work with us in gonna help us in boats going forward to someone. That's clearly on Ryan Joey side, if they stay have threesome. So it's it's one of those things where there's no way you could let EMC over taymor it blows my mind that he's even thinking about it. I mean, I think that he if they were handling properly she might be now, they're not though. So I guess it's kind of up in the air. And I do think it's maybe possible that Dino works with them in the future. I think she's willing to do whatever she needs to survive. But still it's just like he just happens. He just happens to be in charge of the decision that makes every single thing worse on feeds. And sometimes it's the right decision for them. And then sometimes it's not the right decision for him. Like nominating DNA in the first place. So Liz, this some just I'm just frustrated with cable, we can't tell it'll. All right..

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