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Booming while the bank has been busy with the Federal Paycheck protection program. We've been working on that what they referred to as a second draw of P P. P loans, payroll protection program loans, and so on this Second round. We've done 250 you know loans for around $30 million. The demand for the second round really has been less so I guess the kind of the positive thing is there. Some companies that didn't have That much of a decline to really Qualify for draw, too. I can't say that It was a specific, you know, industry or a type, you know, type of industry that we saw coming through the second time because you know, we did. We actually did have some physicians. You know, we have some sole practitioners. Some of our non profits did qualify And then some of our non profits didn't Well, I needed so it really is kind of all over the place from that standpoint. Anyway, Um you know, my chief lending officer and I were talking. What she's actually already has gotten approved through the end of this month is like $32 million And it's it's a record for her in her entire career. No. There's been money that set on the sidelines that maybe was waiting Toc get involved. Some of this is somebody sold the property and then they wanted to go ahead and invested another, you know, commercial property. Some of the industry's we've seen, you know, self storage. We've seen some medical buildings. Demand has been strong. Here we have talked about. It's like, Oh, wow, here a year ago is when this you know this all started, but I think when I look back one of the things that I see Just the resilience of people and of companies. And, you know, I think it says a lot about you know, just kind of us as Americans. We adapt and try to do what we need to do. Survive and persevere. So I think when I look back, I just see a lot of that in a lot of different businesses and people's personal lives to that thing of surviving. Personally, I look forward to that day when I don't have to wear a mask. Uh and I don't know when we're going to see that kind of prediction is that a lot of people by July will have been, you know, vaccinated and hopefully that's really going to Increase the flow of the economic flow and just things like travel, improve people's optimism and outlook, So I'm optimistic looking forward. That things are gonna get better. Ginger Martin with American National Bank and Broward County. Cherry. Rudolf runs legally clean, where she provides janitorial services for construction offices, commercial buildings and homes. Business just disappeared when offices closed a year ago, and people were uncomfortable having strangers in their homes because of the virus. But clients are coming back, and Rudolph herself takes a big step this week toward returning to what she hopes is more normal business. For several weeks Now, I had not been able to secure an appointment for the vaccine. However, I was able to schedule appointment and I haven't Appointment from Monday morning at 8 45. So I'm really excited and happy about that and about the opportunities that will avail themselves to me once I get my vaccine. Yeah. I'm very excited, very excited. You know, It also will relieve me in terms of going out and meeting with prospective customers. Because pretty much everything I've been through zoom or through telephone, and you know, you really able to to get that person person contact which I think pretty much seals the deal, but because of covert, you know, had not been able to do that. So That will be helpful. There's always stuff in the pipeline. I've had several bids out. Just kind of waiting for those two come back. Mostly, we're seeking post destruction work. I should be hearing something probably within the next week or so. That's how construction isn't aches. You hurry up and wait. For the most part, all is going well. I have contracts that are renewing and also calling me back to work in the various offices. And so that is working out really well. Another thing because you're starting bring their people back to work so therefore, you know they need cleaning services. I feel very optimistic about the future. I feel that once the businesses start re opening, and particularly commercial office buildings, as well as people who were having contract work done in their homes because of The kids being home and I'm being home or so you have, you know, people who will then need to have their homes clean, have their offices clean and we will be able to accommodate that, and they'll be more welcoming in terms of having other people in their homes because they will have had the vaccine shot, So I'm really looking forward to a very sunny future. That's Jerry Rudolph with legally clean the cleaner of our baker, banker and cleaner trio of women we've.

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