President Trump, Surrey, Patrick discussed on Boston Herald Radio


Is now sort of yeah now he's he's spending all this money you thought this guy was going to bring in change right this guy when we can have that cut hoogly has never been a politician right and that was his big argument where he talks about glistened you know this is i'm not a politician i have an answer but i'm struggling with the question because i don't wanna be another politician i'm not a politician this is going to say that house it was at my point is that this is in my career so i can do the job without thinking about my career so there you go of course is a says his fellow who is now eighty considering running for president but at the time certainly he wasn't a politician and not was instilling used to be a big selling point people don't like in and institutional candidate anymore they definitely a freshfaced assisting nonpolitician he goes out and he gets himself a luxury cadillac and of course your darrow the we go crazy with that because that's what the the herald is good for surrey got punched stories but also you know stories wear there's a lot of illustration that can be used and i like that and so so what did you read in the herald story goes already facing heat for flying to events in a state police helicopter covered of all patrick is now cruising in a pricey tricked out cadillac deville at taxpayer's expense the governor's new luxury cataloguing dts sedan is leaks that puts a one thousand one hundred sixty six month strain on the state budget places much more modest crown victoria the former governor mitt romney was driven around him quote of course who got the republican the republicans get out feasting away here naomi cheaper if he kept on using the helicopter from torkelsson at the time apparently he was the republican party chairman for a little bit i i remember that last night of tatra patrick came under fire this week after the herald reported that he's already taken to taxpayerfunded chopper rides to public events and plans to continue to use helicopter as he sees fit republicans of said he is getting a pass on his helicopter used while former acting governor jane swift.

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