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Willard scott's tv meteorologist for the today show passed over the weekend. Beloved part of all of our lives actually is. I've been doing morning radio. All of my life. I was only dimly aware. Dude willard scott. One hundred percent chance of mortality. He predicted too much too soon. Celebrity meteorologist all right whatever Seemed like a nice enough guy. Wallets are overseas. The wall street journal a couple of states have passed laws in our thinking. This places where your driver's license work. Id whatever is on your phone. A couple of states have now passed a law where they'll accept your driver's license being part of your phone wallet or whatever it is you have so there. You thought that was a little all my eggs in one basket. He yes it does so you lose your phone emmy already you lose your phone in. Its icai donata call anybody. I don't know how. I don't know my bank account number nine. Don't even have an. Id yeah even started. Yeah talked about this earlier. Wanna mention again because we got this text When we were talking about jack. You're an elitist bad word. They called me for pointing something out. The headline is millions in. Us lose jobless aids jobless aid as federal benefits expire more than seven million people are losing all their benefits. Nearly three million more people are losing three hundred dollar weekly. Boosts all this week. It's the greatest. It's the most abrupt end to the greatest welfare program. We've ever had in american history and every article i've seen about it quotes various people. You know here's a single mom or here's a construction dude or whatever it is and how often it is that they're going to lose their check this week. There's no mention at any point anywhere of all the people that have had jobs this whole time. Which is the majority of wild that lost their jobs. The vast majority of us got to keep our job or kept working by choice. And we're the ones paying all those bills you'd think they'd like wanna mention us at some point like what we think of it as if doesn't exist at all that the zip work it is as if it is if that constituency doesn't exist at all that is exactly right. The only group is the millions of people that have been getting the benefits. All this time. And there's plenty of data including commonsense to lead you to believe that there are some people. I don't know how many but there are some people that aren't working because they're getting government money. We'll show her. We've we've got some great emails from folks who've said look just simply. Did the math made much more sense to take benefits. And some of your work and side hustles for cash and the rest of it. You're you're economic beasts is you should be. You're doing what's right for you. If the government's got their hand out with the you know a big old gold coin take it. Washington post quotes Woman one of many people they quoted. I don't understand how anyone in washington cannot know how normal people their friends families and cousins. Who are going through. This are really going to be struggling. When they lose. Check out on. She quote somebody who's been working nail time. The whole time is as. I don't know i've been working the entire time in a big chunk of my taxes is going to pay for these people who aren't working then ever quote that guy ever or woman just think it's interesting well. Did they ever address the question of vaccinated person why they can't work anyway or why they are hesitating to work. I mean you hear about the the immune compromised cancer patient all. But that's that's an open and shut case everybody gets that that's not the millions and millions of people getting those benefits side story. Why america has eight point four million unemployed and ten million job openings. Ten million job openings. Eight point four million unemployed. There's a big mismatch at the moment between jobs available. And what workers want they said without recognizing or hitting upon the fact that there are a lot of people out there working jobs that they don't want maybe half of people working right now today working a job. They don't want so the idea that whether you want the job or not is that that big factor. I can understand why if you had a cool job before that you liked paid well. You don't want to go work at a restaurant now but the person that's working at the restaurant you ate last week. They probably don't want to be doing that job either. But it's the only job got to pay their bills. Well there's an alternative. Now the government will pay your bills. Your fellow taxpayer will pay your bills. Yes and then. I like this line from washington post some anticipate a surge in job seekers as the benefits. Dry up relight right. Yeah i saw the line. Some will be forced to seek work. Oh no no. What kind of world is this. 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