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World news BBC news. Hello. I'm garrison pope Francis is due to begin the first papal visit to Ireland in. Almost forty years his arrival comes at a time of turmoil for the Catholic church with continuing criticism over how it handled claims of child, abuse by priests dating back decades and, is in Dublin the church's moral authority has really been damaged by scandals, in recent years and it's very obvious to see the kind of changed country that Ireland is recent referendums here have legalized same sex, marriage legalized, abortion, but nonetheless religion spirituality does remain central to. Many people's lives there is hope that the visit of pope Francis will be able to be an uplifting presents for the country and that he can do something to help reinvigorate belief in. The Catholic church and in the trust that people place near border controls coming into, force in Peru to limit the influx of migrants fleeing the Economic crisis. In Venezuela similar restrictions were introduced in Ecuador last week for they've been overturned, by, a court. Katie. Watson has more details in the past few days Ecuador's laid on dozens of buses. To move Venezuelans through the country trying to get as many as possible to the Peruvian border before the new restrictions come in it's been, referred to as a humanitarian corridor but, there's another motivation to it's not an Ecuador's interests to have thousands of, Venezuelans stranded in the country with nowhere to go and as judge's ruling on does Ecuador's efforts to stem the flow of people coming. Through the, economic, situation is worsening and more and more people. Are leaving Venezuela every day and what's being referred to as Latin America's worst migrant crisis in its history the electoral commission in the Democratic Republic of Congo has ruled that the opposition leader and former warlord Jean-Pierre Bemba cannot stand in December's presidential election he was rejected because, if he's conviction for bribing witnesses the internet National criminal court from Kinshasa his Louise Dewhurst after hours of deliberations behind closed doors the electoral commission has announced that six out of twenty five. Presidential candidates are in the legible to run among them, shops yet Bemba was recently acquitted of war crimes by. The international criminal court after spending ten years behind bars his return to the DRC was a big change to the political scene the former rebel leaders very popular in the, capital Kinshasa and here's one of, president Joseph Kabila's, most fade rivals thousands of Hindu Muslim refugees from. Meal mar of held a demonstration in this. Sprawling camp in Bangladesh to Mark one year since the exodus began the protest is the Kutupalong camp held up banners demanding Justice. From the United Nations live, from London this is the world news from the BBC an investigative judge in Argentina has accused the former president Cristina Fernandez to Kitchener of running a huge network of bribery and corruption. When she was in power the judge alleged alleges miss Fernandez and her late husband and predescessor Nestor Kitchener ran a criminal organism From the presidential, palace in Buenos Aires Cristina Fernandez denies any wrongdoing and says she is the victim of political persecution The United States says it has cancelled. More than two hundred million dollars in aid for the Palestinians in the West Bank and. The Gaza Strip fulling review the move is expected to further exacerbate US Palestinian. Relations Yousef Taha reports in a statement the State Department said the decision was made at the direction of President Trump it's size the militant group HAMAs which controls the Gaza Strip as one of the reasons for the decision both Israel and the US designate HAMAs as. A terrorist group, as senior Palestinian. Official Hanan Ashrawi Accu the Trump administration of using cheap blackmail as a political tool calling the move immoral, and irresponsible the Palestinian leadership has been. Boycotting US, peace efforts since President Trump recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital last. December the board of the electric car maker tesla says the company will remain. Public two weeks of the chief executive Elon Musk said he was considering a deal to go, private in a statement the board said Moscow to. Brief them on his efforts to take the company private and that those proposals. Were now cancelled Two years after it started out a NASA spacecraft or Irish Rex has sent its. First blurry pictures of an ancient asteroid kicking off a mission that could provide clues about health life began, the asteroid Banu was chosen because it orbits close to earth path around the sun and is carbon rich, the kind of cosmic body that may have to live life giving materials to earth billions of years ago BBC's.

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