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Book Dumbo is toughest nails WBZ, book club I'm. Jordan rich comic genius no question troubled soul with. A. Bevy of insecurities absolutely someone we generally missing our lives for certain HBO recently launched a documentary on the, life of Robin Williams four more detailed. Portrait of the, artist the man husband father and friend check out the. Book Robin. By David it's scoff he details Robbins meteoric rise. To stardom with Morgan Mindy is, over the top frenetic but brilliant standup career and his, struggles with addiction depression and perhaps the final enemy Lewy body disease that may have. Led to his suicide Robin Williams attended Juilliard fine school of acting and learned his, craft from amazing. Mentors including John houseman his films run the gamut from, over. The top two hilarious we get to know the offstage Robin Williams, for many close, friends including Billy crystal and we understand more fully how a performer of his caliber thrived and perhaps survived for many. Years on laughter alone it's touching in depth portrait of the troubled artists with insight into the amazing, source of his talent. Robin by David Scott the book club WBZ NewsRadio Ten thirty and WBZ news time is five twenty six we've got sixty five, degrees and it is, clear in Boston right now City of Worcester is. Set to begin a major project after Labor Day crews will begin cleaning and restoring a dozen monuments and memorials around the city the city manager says some of the monuments which honor veterans and the military haven't been touched since they were first directed or dedicated more than a century. Ago among those targeted for a face lift our Abell from the USS. Wister and a bronze sculpture of Spanish American war soldier the. Eighty thousand dollar project is expected to be complete by early winter we have sixty five degrees under. Mostly clear skies in Boston today will be sunny to partly cloudy and warmer than. Yesterday with. A high of about eighty two Gina goes up next and her. Top story will be the, being laid, to rest John McCain the Senator will be laid to. Rest at the US naval academy WBZ news time is five twenty seven.

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