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Hideki Matsuyama is lining up a putt on 13 right now that would give him the outright lead on what they call moving day Saturday at Augusta and Matsuyama is put is no good. So he is tied for the lead after three putting 13. He had a putt for eagle on this hole, but he and Justin Rose tied seven under par. There are two guys at six under, including Marc Leishman and will's Allah tourists who is playing in his first ever masters. Definitely a story for us to keep our eye on. In the meantime, Amber Let's talk a little NFL draft. We found out this week that Adam Schefter is now guaranteeing that Zach Wilson is going to be the second pick in the draft. The Jets, and there's now some thought that the Niners at three who now have the third pick after trading with the Dolphins, Ah, that they are going to take Mack Jones. Ah, lot of people don't even think was a first round pick a couple months ago. With the third pick in the draft in the Justin Fields is falling. Can you explain what's going on with the quarterbacks in the 2021 draft? I really can't. I don't understand. Why There's been so much movement in terms of the grating. I honestly don't even understand why Zach Wilson became the pick for the Jets. I mean, I guess at Shafter obviously must know that they like him, but he was a name that started to get trendy is well where none of us even knew what was happening after Trevor Laurence. I mean, Trevor Laurence has always been He's the number one big. We always knew that was gonna happen. And then behind him, the confusion that has surrounded Wilson and lands and fields and now Jones, and it hasn't made much sense to me why There's been so much back and forth in terms of their draft grading, and I always wonder if some of it is just trendy this. You know, Justin Field, we were talking about what feels like forever ago. And so is it then that we were talking about him too early, You know, he went from Georgia, Ohio State, and he was the hot name entering in Ohio State, and so we just He was on all of our minds too early, whereas most of us probably aren't watching North Dakota State football very closely, and a lot of us might not be watching BYU football as closely as Ohio State football. So those names come later come closer to the draft. And because of that. I wonder of those names started garnering more attention and maybe an unfair way because when I read the great ING's on these guys again, the guys behind rubber Lawrence It all seems like it's anybody's position. I mean, nobody really seems to know who's better than whom. At this point. Sure, here's what I think. Ever. You know. Zack Wilson had the benefit of playing war games this year be why you started sooner, and they didn't have as many covert issues is Ohio State did. I think it a non covert world. Okay? Because Justin Fields was the best player in high school football and that he was the best player or one of them in college football. I think he would be the number two pick in this draft going away. I don't trust the jets of ability to evaluate anything. So just because they're going to take Zach Wilson it too. It doesn't mean they're right about that. If I was the Niners, I would take Justin Fields and run Now. I don't know how Kyle Shanahan thinks he fits in their offense. They have this second pro day scheduled coming up on April 14th so next week. You're gonna have a chance to watch fields up close and personal. But if that Jones goes third I think there's going to be a conversation still and already. It's it's bubbling. I heard Stephen A Yesterday on SportsCenter. Stephen A. Smith, of course, have first taken here at ESPN. You know, connecting race and quarterbacks still Amber in 2021 do you the way that you see it? Do you think race plays a factor at all in these evaluations? Well, you know, the man that is a loaded question for you to ask me, Erin. I mean, I don't think it's outside of the realm of possibility, because certainly I think that has plagued NFL evaluations overtime. I do think, though, that when we're talking about a player like Justin Fields like you just mentioned there's some covert issues there with Ohio State. That prohibits maybe the full evaluation of him and by the way, that's maybe skewed the evaluation of all of these guys coming off of a strange 2020 season, And there are other issues with fields that people point to where they say that he needs to work on his full field reads that he He gets transfixed on his targets, and it's too easy to know where he's going with that ball, and he's a dual threat quarterback. But he's a guy who's considered more of, you know, pocket presence, and then he could make something happen with his legs on the back, and some of these other guys are true dual threat quarterback so there are some real evaluations there. But of course, it's with the history. Of how it's gone with race. It's certainly not outside of the realm of possibility that maybe that is a factor here. And, you know, I wonder too late. You know, Lamar Jackson was the 32nd pick in the draft, and there were people who wanted him could to convert to be a wide receiver asked him about it, and he ended up becoming the NFL M V P So you know, I think we're not quite as far as maybe we think we.

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