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Joe piscopo is this just wisecracking detective and his partner detective. Roger mortis is slowly turning into a zombie and dying played by treat williams. And it's just so ridiculous every like buddy cop like you know cliche and all that stuff except for zombies and all of that is added into it. There's actually some really great practical creature effects mixed in. And this is a movie that i had never heard of until i watched it this year. This would have been like up there with some of the classic gore silly gore movies that you rent when you're you know twelve years old in high school or whatever you know and and just just be like this is. This is the craziest shit. And i love it and i would have loved this movie as a teenager and i really tapped into that part of myself while watching this as dumb as it is. I really tapped into it and had so much fun with it and One more point though. There's also a really bizarre. Vincent cam Vincent price cameo where he's basically standing in one spot for his whole role and it just adds to the weirdness of this just ridiculous movie. I sounds great. I think. I remember seeing you post on letterbox about it when you watched it and it sounds really entertaining from the way you describe it. Yeah it's just so strange. I hope people who will check it out one of these days. Yeah i do like that. And i love that. I mean i imagine that. That's very later. In vincent price's life and career and i love that now where it's like. We clearly had a tiny amount of money to get this famous person to show and you know we shot the whole roll while they were sitting in an office chair or whatever and we have that in movies now and it's always entertaining to see so fuddy. Well what do you got for nine. So my number nine pick is the right stuff directed by philip kaufman from nineteen eighty three and i watched this movie because i reviewed the new disney plus series of the right stuff Both of which are based on tom. Wolf's nonfiction book about the early days of nasa and the show is not great but the movie is a lot of fun. And i had never seen it was i. I don't know if maybe one best picture was one or nominated for a bunch of oscars in one thousand nine hundred three. If this was awesome. Movie your. I would've looked up this properly but it was early..

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