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Was president monroe and he was a future president and he. He determined that em. That was in america's interest to to help our airland and to help 'em theobald wolfe tone so Growing up as i did in in In dublin in the nineteen sixties. I read about a lot about this mind. I figured i look music. And i decided that We would call a band after because of his inspiration. we'll stone cells. He played the tin whistle. He was he was ready fond of music. And he you know he the last night that he spent an early and before he went to america to get that support and seventy ninety five. He was entertained by one of the grace artists. Music collectors in belfast. Among called edward bunting. And the you know he was. His life was surrounded by by by by music. And of course the musical heritage of orland and the culture and traditions went along on goes along with the liberty of the people to cherish enhance and foster that heritage. And he he could he. He he was a man had tremendous vision for people. And i always I always am mindful of his last night. Belfast where he He was Entertained by a group of about twenty musicians including many people that play the harp on this journey to america And that's another story. Well you know One of the things. Of course i've learned from you related to because you know unless you're a student of irish history irish studies or even if you're a student of british history and british study you're not gonna get the irish story. I have friends who grew up. During the troubles of the late sixties the seventies eighties. That are irish catholic people who went to school in northern ireland. Because they lived in derry and they learned everything there was to know about british history. They didn't learn lick about irish history. Never addressed whatsoever. but no. that's that's that's a pretty sad fact. Like you know the m even together with them. Associations political associations will on america and with all of the folks that he met him philadelphia back in seventy nine hundred by. There's very little written about that. There's very little written about the fact that like brennan Benjamin franklin came to orland until occasions to to look into the state of the country and to meet the what would be considered them to patriotic aristocracy at the people that were that were followed toll. Many of them were were very wealthy. People that knew that. I had to be a better way to include the mass of the artist. People at catholic sewer add disenfranchised eight. No say saying government and there were.

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