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And you know, it's never going to be replaced and probably shouldn't. But I'll tell you what. I really liked as far as music, and, you know, through biographies and things. What, what do you think of, of the moderate pops, which was really the first one Monterey? Puck Cecil was Goi down my God. The music I I listened to a show with on public radio and Canada ready Backman. Good overdrive and. Yeah. Guess right? Then he he had his wife on who is at moderate pops, and she was telling great stories about how she spent the whole night with Jimmy Hendrix seats, literally held his hand. He was so nervous. Oh, yeah. She kept saying, don't be nervous. You're good. You're going to be good. You know, he really hadn't even performed yet in public. I don't think at that time. So he was very nervous. But. Yeah. I think that's one of the great concert films of all time, the Monterey pop. And if nothing else you know, we forget because he died far too young plane crash. What an extraordinary talent. Otis redding. What? Oh. Guys and Hendrick Hendrickson, the who was the who when they're all these great moments. They're like, and then Otis Redding. Just comes out here in nukes, everybody. He just. Yeah. Yeah. He was great. He would might God, if he would have lived the music that, that guy may. Unbelievable. It just it, it, it, it just you just get you know drawn to it. You just wanna keep listening, right? I don't think DACA the bay was something that was unlike anything else, I think that anyone had recorded that time and. Yeah, it, it became a hit posthumously. So you wonder using Docker the bay as a point of reference, what would he have done after that had to give been given the jury a man, the Motari pop thing, boy, there's also talking about these things are the other as there's a documentary? It's called the TNT and the Tammy show. I remember Tammy Tammy for teenage. I forget what it is heard. I heard of it, but I. Yeah. You see James Brown in his prime and the rolling still who had to come on after James jails. Not please that he was headlining. The stones were. So, you know. And. What do you expect? Yeah. Pride. So we kinda says, okay and you and you see, you know, clearly terrified Jagger trying to follow. But this other performances James Brown in the it was just fabulous. Fabulous stuff. One thing that most people didn't know about that. Then was like an hour of seven breakdown for James's group and performance the musicians and set lanes. Yeah. And set up for the stones. They had to reset the stage. It took an hour and it made it look like off came James Brown and up came at jagged, didn't go that way. Didn't go down that way. Smokey Robinson is in there. And, you know, when when he very much prime and, and it's just it's, it's, it's a movie of an era, but had there. But again, I, I agree with you wanna repoprt in that was that laid the framework, if it were, if it hadn't been for Monterey pop, I would've been Woodstock, and Monterey. Pollinator was it was a success across the board. It was also just a small crowd. Yeah. The movie did, well, the, the soundtracks did well. I think you had it not been for monetary policy. Probably wouldn't have been a Woodstock is probably successive on to beat. Everyone say, I gotta go to Woodstock and then do the chaos food Cami show could've been subtitled Motown versus the British invasion. Been fun because that's basically what it was. Yeah. It really. But. Thing about the moderate popzette, do you think it was because it was smaller crowd or what?.

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