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Is you essentially yeah no that's near it's overly simply explaination for about eight hundred page document so that's the rationale why the red press release didn't come out was concerns around that kind of stuff and i'm not in a i'm todd i don't know how far down this rabbit hole that you want to go but there's there's concerns about read right in what's what's the what's the reasons behind it you know and i think i mean our our particular rationale for thinking it's a good idea is the fact that you know we've been pro gathering more accurate information on play information we would like that too and if it's anonymous it's even better you know it kind of in it's it's a supplement to the server side data correct and and it's a good supplement but it's going to be a relatively small supplement of data i don't know this certain big companies participate i don't have a dollar here in my reach but i'm holding up a virtual dollar audience i'm gonna lay a gentlemen's wager on the table robin the seafield we willing to take this i'll get no no i'm i'm betting a buck that apple is not going to participate yeah i would say that the timing on this couldn't be any worse i would say everybody's heightened in their sensitivities around this stuff semi dollars rational or not the point so did anyone wanna take me up on that the same apple will provide rad data i i got a dollar he won't take that bet rupp just by.

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