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Father ended up being dean. As Frederick spiegelberg was the founder. And in his role as dean, he would double his teacher and then go into the administrative office trying to make ends meet. He had a great helper. But he quickly learned that they needed to draw more people and they needed to a bigger audience. And so what they did is they opened the doors in the evening and took turns giving lectures. The various professors and invited the public and it was 5 bucks. And it supported the academy and his lectures immediately became very popular and well attended. And I remember when I was little, he was still giving these and I would come over and slide down the banisters out in this big old building. He would be in there talking to all these people. And so a guy that this kind of spread out to the coffeehouses, you get to know some of the beat poets and they would do poetry and they say, Allen, get up and say something. And in that crowd, there was a guy named Henry Jacobs Henry sandy Jacobs, who eventually became my father's archivist and recorder, but eventually became my father in law. They were good friends. They lived across the canyon from them in a homestead valley near mill valley. And but Henry did he was what they call a community programmer at KPFA in Berkeley. And he did a show called the wide weird world of shorty peterston, which was about this jazz musician that he'd made up. And it was really funny. And he all kinds of different episodes. But he encouraged my father to come over and volunteer and give talks. So when I was a little kid, sandy would show up and they would get in his car and head off to Berkeley. And my father would record a talk on Saturday night that would be rebroadcast on Sunday morning. And this started in it started in the year I was born in 1953. And first he did the great books of Asia and then he did a series started in 1956 called way beyond the west that was very popular..

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