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And i think that bleed in perpetuates a continued diverse team. His na- publicly attracts diverse. Talent as well especially if you're new to an organization. I think it's great to show people. These are relationships. I've cultivated years. The relationships do matter and for new people seeing that there's an opportunity to continue to grow and evolve with that person with that relationship throughout their career. I think in a way actually. Also very comforting. What are you in your very diverse team at casper working on now that gets you really cast. Relatively young company and the most important thing is really defining and working on the foundation and recently in the last couple of months we just launched our first brand platform and also obviously the the job in the business of creating more efficient performance of all of our marketing. And these are really. You know they're critical tactics but it's the it's building that foundation of the team of the brand of how we want to operate that will carry the brand carry casper forward in the future which kind of goes back to what we were saying in terms of durability and this is i hope it's going to be the platform for the company for for years to come and ways to connect to consumers for years to come. This is the the next evolution. I think of the brand a brand campaign desma my most exciting things to work on a in. It's cool to think about how you can launch it but it can. Last hopefully for decades had the pleasure working on the belong anywhere airbnb. It's like it has so many legs but it's so simple and a. It's exciting work. It feels meaningful when you see the true impact that it can have not just on a brand but let the unity of people customer. I think you touch on something very valuable. It's not just a campaign it's a flat platform and when we developed the platform love. Your tomorrow will handle the rest. It came out of this idea..

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