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Concealing his identity to protect his job with this mechanic admits he won't know if Boeing is done enough until he returns to work here in Boeing's Paine field twenty seven thousand workers working staggered shifts will be phased in over the next several days specialist upon Washington's lab capacity for covert nineteen testing has grown but the state doesn't have enough actual test kits to take advantage of it the state tells me they have sent a survey out to labs across the sea to find out what kind of the supply they have for what is called re agent it is supplied it's used to help them process these tests now the state says they're hearing the facilities simply may not have enough and therefore they would not be able to process the test without the re agent the state said we're still only testing about forty five hundred people a day before our labs they do have capacity to now process twenty two thousand tests per day this remains a supply issue that's almost Kerry continent straight ahead I'm W. researchers in Tacoma hopes sewers can serve as a coronavirus early warning system details straight ahead also a simple way to give people some financial relief I'm Carlene Johnson the state senator urging the governor to implement thirty dollars help now let's check on the traffic at level thirty four years Kiera well we've been working with a crash in Pierce county at ninety six then Yakima still partially blocking the roadway but I'm just seeing a minor slow down there the maple valley highway closed again for road work between two hundred and forty eight they went road and there's a detour in place to help you get around it we also have roadworks taking place west of Purdy on state route three oh two between milepost ten and eleven and checking on some travel times bottle of Bellevue at nine minutes federal way to Seattle twenty two minutes Olympia.

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