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Margaritas, tacos, and mariachi bands, but most Mexicans aren't celebrating today. I personally do not celebrate Cinco de Mayo either because I did not grow up celebrating Cinco de Mayo. That's Emily key, head of education at the national museum of the American Latino. There are several myths surrounding Cinco de Mayo like it has nothing to do with Mexican independence and said it marks a turning point battle against the large French army at the village of puebla. So you've got a Mayo has sort of become a data raise awareness of victory of indigenous and mestizo people over European colonists. Gigi Barnett, WTO P news. Only time may 5th is also a day to raise awareness of missing and murdered indigenous people on an upcoming episode of the podcast colors, a dialog on race in America with WTO's JJ green. John echo hawk, executive director of the Native American rights fund Says there are more missing and murdered indigenous people than any other demographic group in our country. And this is something that's been going on for a while as a result of a bad U.S. Supreme Court case back in 1978, but said that our tribal governments had no primary jurisdiction over non Indians on our lands. And so over the years, it's become known to non Indians. So they're kind of always coming on our land and doing whatever they want to, you know, to our people and they are rarely prosecuted by the federal government or the state government. Now you can hear this entire conversation on the new episode of the podcast colors with WTO piece JJ green one week from today. You can listen to many other episodes of colors anywhere. You get your podcasts. Heads up if you

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