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To really pinch me with all my bills and this so driving in Manhattan cars cabs. Uber's trucks would all have to pay. Sure about Santa on his sleigh. John monotone ten ten wins. At the Holland tunnel wins news time, seven thirty five passengers taking a dollar van and Brooklyn recently didn't get much of a bargain, they got a wild ride. Instead. And early December video that's gone. Viral shows a driver in flatbush running red light nearly hitting a pedestrian law enforcement tries to pull him over. And that's when he hits the gas sending passengers flying. They pleaded with him to stop. But he continued to run red lights speed through a school zone and go the wrong way down one way street. Nobody was reported hurt. Cops this morning are searching for that driver pot might not be legal in New Jersey by the end of the year. After all to lawmakers say they likely will not be voting in the Senate on the seventeenth. There are still some differences to work out in the Bill said one lawmaker you will probably not be able to smoke it on New Year's Eve legally, California is considering a tax on texts. You probably think your cell phone Bill is high enough? Now, imagine a tax on every text you sent California's public. Abilities commission will vote on a proposed surcharge on text messages next month. Carl Gordon L had of the Silicon Valley leadership group is not happy. This is the Grinch that is stealing Christmas by stealing the tax for taxes on your phones. Alex stone reporting wins news time, seven thirty seven and coming up in ten ten wins, entertainment, the rock hall inductees..

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