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This guy is the swampy ist of swamp creatures. And Greg, I'm thinking you don't know this guy. I bet you he's president, because he is the gatekeeper to a guy that met It'll accurately describes an empty vessel. You know, a lot of people are thinking Well, maybe it's Kamala. She's the one that's now she's she's been She's absent. Have you seen her anywhere? Well, he's not doing anything we'll get. We'll get into and Kamala is. I think you're right. Come on his role in this particular administration, But her role is one of defiance and absence. It Z really quite remarkable like it's Susan Rice. You think it's Susan around? I think there's there's some old Obama advisers that are probably in there. I think claims one of the issues of race might be one as well. Kendall anybody else that you think it would be an obvious guess who's pulling the Joe Biden strings behind the scenes? Yeah, I think you're right on the chief of staff. I think what we have here is a swamp creature who's been around for a long time. And it is the macrocosm of what is happening in Wisconsin. Of course with Governor Maggie, go exactly well well and we may touch on this. You're Tony Evers is running around the state. Every day. I get a press release. Tony is gonna be embarrassed. And by the way, they always embargo it like it's a big secret. Like we're Tony Evers is gonna show up. Tony will be in Black River Falls, He'll be and unbearable. He'll be in Janesville or whatever it is which tells me that Tony Evers, I think is trying to raise his profile and may run for re election. We'll We'll do some handicapped part of a boy. Good, very well. Be trying to keep wild crowd away from how they want autographs and just to be next to you. Just a touch is great. I would be certainly a thrill for for many. Let's take a short break here would come back some more stuff on the Biden administration. In the back half of this hour. We'll talk about sort of the country emerging from Cove in the second hour. This program's gonna be a free for all as if this first segment wasn't a free for all enough with regard we will try to cover just a zillion topics as best we can. Lefty America slouching towards miseries that it was a program on Memorial Day. 2021 new stock, 11 30, Wi said in 21st Century America, it's hard to know who or what to believe the bureaucracy embraces its own agenda. The news media vilifies traditional American values. Social media is a sewer of disinformation new stock. 11th Irtysh is the two olive it we believe in intellectual and we believe that Andy's and arm or than a publicity That honesty and be better off for it. Believe us because we believe in you. News talk 11, 30, ws and O'Donnell. Here are local farm families do so much defeat us. Their hard work is a big reason why the Midwest is known for the quality of our food. That's why Krystal Farms I'm Robert Content chief of the Metropolitan Police Department. Have an urgent message. Unfortunately, traffic fatalities.

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