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Dollar. Bitcoin like cost than i initially invested in. So late let's say i put twenty. Yeah so so. I was like wow i fucked up. You know so he said you. Did you come to the slack with the price metrics mostly in your mind or was it. Also you know just general like the community that you've grown and become a part of now or was it to me. It was price. First and then it became something a lot more for me was price as well and then i was just hanging out on the slack and i just didn't care about price or crypto after a while and then got back into crypto but like with the mentality that like the way i trade is not going to be like as degenerate as they did before that makes any sense because i i i threw money at the super shit coins like we all joke in the slack cans like we're all searching for has a finance bag of tron like i had forty k. Fourth tron spite. Maybe be being like sits garbage. You need to sell it. It was hot garbage too like i was just. I was at a point where i traded to so much money that that didn't matter to me that bag and i just kept it as a mean between me and joe just because it was funny. I remember that conversation for the laws at this point. It's likely it feels like fuddy-duddy because it doesn't until it makes me impacting your life or like where lost potential impact your life. It doesn't feel real cryptos real. When when i showed my brother. I could by jordan's with it. He was like. Oh oh this is a real thing. And i was like. Yeah yeah it is. This is real value and it's it needs to cross the jordan threshold for many different cultures and many different people. Not quite now quite there yet. Financial money is just the first killer app of crypto soon. There's so many more after the the one that the one that paves the road. So that with the double spend problem and the other things that just come with money being killed the first killer app it just at once that gets proven at scale in an adversarial environment with a lot behind it. Then everything else comes. You could be voting and deeds and achievements in education and certifications and soffer licenses and there's so many things that come up but those aren't sexy enough or important enough to have the efforts to stop the double spend part and then but money is i would say that Sorry audience. I would say that. We're very very far away from any other applications. And i also think that we're gonna reach this max capacity where humanity can just keep having the same conversation about reinventing money and we sidestep that Trying reinvent other things and then we come back to money right. I i think that like you know because the same way we've sounded for six years now the same way somebody in the turn of the decade of the eighty s into the nineties was like you're going to your banking on the internet. You're going to talk to your grandparents on video calls you're going to. You're going to pay your bills on internet. You're going to go to court on the internet. Everything's to be on the internet and somebody's like dues. You are insane. Check your mail. That's how everybody does everything right in so short the post office you know. Yeah sure what's happened from your perspective. As over the last six years and y you got into crypto and obviously as hosts and founders you have gained access to a tremendous number of influencers and authors and all sorts of different people. How is your journey changed over that six years in terms of what you're in it for. I have my suspicions. Based on what you say in the snatch slang. how'd you clarify. This'll be fun fun. I'll say my standpoints. And then you see it aligns okay. So when i first started this kind of bought into the same reasons. Jesse was bought in but from a more than oh i could just trade this and make money. I can actually participate in this network of mind and make money and that. Was you know corey verse. He showed me how to mind like coin. And then i was taking the light coit and trying to trade that into bitcoin. Like every tried to using cripsy holy cow. Ganci has said. I give money. I got my mind off their roof. The first time push send it like the screen locked. And i was like i'm getting money. This like looks. Like i'll get more money off of this immediately so in had that same experience with beatrix amd baloney ex like for awhile operate in this space a crossing my fingers that this money actually gets worse supposed to go But i wanted to contribute to the networks. Because i i did think at that time and i still do think that there's just a lotta broken systems abroad. Liberal financial systems that are designed to keep a small pocket of people very very wealthy and everyone else thinking that they can get into that small pocket of people right and over the years of like of doing this show interviewing lots of people in starting from us interviewing a very different people from very different walks of life. It's slowly turned into the same type of people from the same walk of life. And i'm starting to.

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