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This episode of beyond is brought to you by four him stott com f o r hi ms dot com not underestimate the power play station young beyond beyond beyond yes yawn dion that was lovely thank i was really tied and then we lapsed but then we got back yeah it always works out in the end case say it was basically time i didn't really knows doing to work yeah cnn is show until people get so mad that they stop listening to it yes perfect and never will because my name is jonathan vilma i'm your host for beyond episode five forty four and boy do we have a lot to talk about today i am joined by casey defeat us well and brian altana thanks for having me thank you guys for being on there is a lot to talk about because the pre three onslaught of news never stops new previews news we're going to be talking about this week call of duty backups for the finally revealed it we finally found out a lot more about it also battlefield five or v depending on how you want to say it news is on the way also keenum threes a real game that i have played his finally happening i in so excited and you can hear more about that tune later on we're excited he's wearing the pin i'm wearing him yeah we know this is from the king of hearts one point five plus two point five remix collection hd collector's edition yes sort of yeah it's a great pin of sorry brian we're going to see a lot of titles you don't know that's fine i love ridiculous video game titles that's what i'm here for wonderful also going to be talking about many other ubisoft titles speaking of some funny titles and were also going to be talking about some sad news with vida as things take a downward turn four but it's still lives the still has veto but first of duty call for israel is the thing they're getting rid of the that a campaign goodbye to that yeah that is somewhat weird so yes what do you mean by someone so they they're getting rid of the traditional campaign as we know it where you play through a story that is very orchestrated much like an action blockbuster but then they are moving toward a series of solo missions or missions that can be played solo focusing on all the different specialist who are the multiplayer characters you can play as an.

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