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A deadly weapon by frisco police allegedly backed the truck into woman a brandished the firearm and a man but again next the word of the police and as you know all police a racist when it comes to a certain people so it may be at a weapon may be back the truck into a woman maybe he didn't maybe brandished the firearm it a man maybe he didn't but how can we trust the police don't you see we should trust him first lorenzo mauled in new york jets accused of attacking a man at a nightclub in manhattan april ii michael ohare carolina panthers cited for allegedly pushing a kicking and lubar driver april fourteen following a dispute over the fair according to the police report the report states o'hare had been shrinking maybe it was a racist cop who wrote the report darrell reeves and other innocent new york jets accused of aggravated assault after altercation a pittsburgh video shows two men on the ground unconscious but it could be a racist video camera or a a racist iphone the took the picture that tricked it up we don't know darrell ravitz new york jets accused of aggravated assault after altercation in pittsburgh video shows two men are rather one atom 'pacman jones cincinnati bengals accused of poking hotel security employees in the eye in cincinnati obstructing police but then again he's only been accused of it and we don't know if the hotel employee was poked in the eye was a racist and if the hotel employees found to be a racist understand then that case has to be dismissed bruce smell a san francisco forty nine is accused of assaulting a man in a 70yearold father a hotel in san francisco but then again he's only been accused and maybe it's a cultural thing maybe assaulting a man in his seventy year old fatherhood tell us san francisco is the norm nigel bran philadelphia eagles suspended a punt suspected of punching somebody in the nose in a miami beach hotel after a verbal altercation maybe this is the normal behaviour in this particular area so who needs rules and if l players are arrested every seven days on average this is the.

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