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5% on prepaid wireless cards for one year with digital coupon restrictions apply she stole for details. I'm mad Bear with traffic on the fives, Followers on Twitter and W II DC traffic. Randy Allah switched TV meteorologist. What's going on? Yeah, Tony got him my good news this morning here. I think we're going to see a little bit of relief from the warm human weather here for maybe a day or so. During the day on Friday and Saturday. Today kind of kind of murky Start sky should become partly sunny, warm Human day and just maybe a very spotty shower Thunderstorm, especially area south of Andy attempt for 86 partly cloudy McGee to the low temperature 66. Sound Shine warm tomorrow but a little less human attempts. Rider on 85 weekend Okay Saturday Sunny, warm the hyper on 88 degrees Sunday. Partly sunny, hot, humid, 90 chance of an afternoon thunderstorm. It looks like you're Tony a better chance of showers and thunderstorms during the day on Monday of next week, that is Randy Hollis. Of which TV Randy. Thank you 73 degrees in the American Standard Cooling Weather Center. The time right now is 706 thiss hour on 93 w i. B C is powered by fast track mechanical Our order will require mass Face coverings for anyone eight years or over while you are in public indoor spaces. It's a mask mandate from governor Eric Holcomb. It goes into effect on Monday. Why's he waiting? I don't know.

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