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Six with last night's for nothing. Shut out of the Rangers at the Garden Coach Chris Cassidy was happy with these defensive play as rookie goalie Jeremy Swim, unmade 15 saves who did a real good job in front of our goaltender. We did not give up much tonight. Obviously, we had a team come in here that went through an emotional process yesterday. But still, you know, you still got to play the game and I thought we did a really good job in front of goals for Patrice Bergeron, Jake, too brusque, Brandon Carlo and Charlie McAvoy. Bruins RANGERS again tomorrow division Leading Red Sox rallied by the baseball worst Tigers 12 9 at Fenway. Three. R B I for Raphael Devers. Tough outing for Nathan A Baldy. The starter, allowed six runs without escaping the fifth inning socks in Baltimore tonight. Angels released Future Hall of Famer Albert Poo holes in the last of his 10 year deal. He's struggled for basically the last half decade Celtics in Chicago tonight, but they won't have Jalen Brown. The plan is for him to return from his sprained ankle Sunday against the Heat and Patriots. Third their offseason camps one week from today. Adam Kaufman, WBC, Boston's news radio, and Adam Thank you 6 13 Friday morning and let's get movin. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Laurie Grandi around to a spy Cambridge Savings Bank. We have definitely seen the volume on the increased Now we have a disabled tractor trailer to watch out for it's in the right travel lane eastbound on the Mass pike at 4 95. That is, in addition to the left lane work crew that is out there that has been there overnight and is still there right now. So again, That's a problem spot for C SPAN, Mass Pike Disabled tractor trailer in the right lane and the left Lane taken up with the work crew, So that's not a good combination right there. All right, let's get a check of 93 not with Kristen Acting, the WBC news radio traffic copter. It looks pretty good here. Lori heading out the southern New Hampshire this morning from cannot be like down toward 1 20 eight's about 20 minutes or so. Another 12 minutes will get you into town with no big issues. Yeah, through Medford or Somerville. We'll see if that keeps up. Kristen acting, the WBC news radio traffic copter Alright North on Expressway Heaviest, slow now starts at Adams Street that continues to granted Avenue and again for Morrissey Boulevard Now to Columbia Road. It's jammed as well. The problem is we had that crash there right at Morrissey Boulevard That's now been cleared, So we got that going for us, which is nice. Lori granted WBC's traffic on.

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