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Remember smc is the only through six previous novels in the city by the sea and cartography which were shortlisted for john new enemies prize sultan safran brick in verses but am shadows which were shortlisted the orange prize for fiction and a guardian every stone which was short receives the bailey's prize thought to scott price historical fiction and the dse prize for south asian literature 35 novels have received awards from pakistan's academy of letters and committed as a fellow at the royal society of literature and in 2013 was named the grants are best of young british novelist the latest novel which would it took about today home fire has been long list if the 2017 man booker prize camilla welcome to this lots of dream so what was the idea behind hype flat so it's taking the sophocles version of the antiquities story although anquetil like say you don't need to know and taken eateries garten read antigone but at the heart of that play is the idea of an individual taking on the laws of the state around the issue of some one she loves but who has been a traitor to the states and updated that four 21st century britain match it set in two thousand fifteen so it's it's pretty contemporary and there are two families the three bosscher siblings and then the loan father and son their own british muslim but in very different ways so one family has that three siblings whose father was a the who died on his way to guantanamo and on the other side the tracks you have the home secretary in his son why 25th they are mimic as obviously the more where it was written books objects accurate thicker bitter retired com to press but is there any particular.

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